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    that seems to be the case, cause I seen screenies of a player created character following that blonde beast who seems to be hunting Ethan.

    so I'm thinking the offline story for AoI will be more PSO-like in the sense that your created character is the one you control instead of a pre-made one.

    but ya any word if XBox360 version can be bought/downloaded if you have PSU? hmm maybe it'll cost around 3000-4000 MS pts.

    aw oh well that Japan version got released earlier. and not all systems are linked. they could of made a worldwide release like what FF11 is doing. but anyways the U.S. AoI will probably come the month after.

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    Yes, Offline is a basically a beefier version of Episode 2. XBox version will be download so I'm guessing it will cost about $20 to $30(not sure how many points that is). And we most likely will get it later.

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    I wonder if they'll leave any like fmv and voice clips on the disc/download for EP3 use? Of course knowing how fast the game will be hacked if they did that then the next story might get spoiled pretty fast o.o?

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    It's been confirmed that Story Mode for Ambition of the Illuminus will be "Episode 2 Plus/Remix/Director's Cut/EX/etc." Apparently, your Extra Mode data from the base game will be transferable.

    It's possible that Episode III things might be data mined out, if people are looking, I suppose. There's a certain area in the the final Episode 2 story mission that's obviously on the disc, but I've never seen it pulled out before.

    Shivering Isles, the expansion for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, is on the marketplace for 2400 points. It seems reasonable to assume that Ambition of the Illuminus will have a comparable price tag.
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    Standard retail for that expansion's PC version seems to range from 19.99 (Amazon) to 29.99 (Gamestop). How much is AoI's PC version going to be?
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