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Thread: New PSO game

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    On 2002-12-28 15:31, rena-ko wrote:
    wasnt there some sort of console by sega that was both megadrive and master system?
    Sort of. The Sega Megadrive/Genesis, hardware-wise, was barely any different than the Sega Mark III/Master System. To capitalize upon the mediocre popularity of the Master System, Sega released the Power Base.

    The Sega Power Base, when plugged into the cartridge port of the Sega Genesis, would let you play Master System cartridge or card games.

    For the novelty, here's a picture:

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    On 2002-12-28 06:39, Igeryu wrote:
    Phantasy Star Collection for GBA, yes it is a good game.
    Unfortunately, it has absolutely horrifying cover art.

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    Can't beat PSO for the Pocket PC 2002 premium edition.

    Why didn't I get a good digital camera for a present?

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    Snapple, I have no idea what I'm looking at.

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    On 2002-12-28 17:36, Cheech wrote:
    Snapple, I have no idea what I'm looking at.
    you are looking at pso for pc.

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    About the comment for story telling, you do realize that Sonic Team made every Phantasy Star game ever released right? PSO has NOTHING to do with the original Phantasy Star series (except for having a few of the ol' villains here and there like Rappy and Dark Falz). If PSO were a true RPG that relied on story, it wouldn't be online.

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    I actually have something to add on the storytelling thing, too.

    PSO still has quite excellent storytelling...part of the difference is that the older PS games had a set group of characters with a set background, whereas in PSO you're creating your OWN hero. That kinda negates the possibility of developing your character's personality through prefab dialogue and scenes and decisions.

    PSO just uses a different, non-linear approach to the story. If you play through all the quests and talk to everyone, an awful lot of details about the plot come out...details supplemented by the messages from Rico and Flowen.

    Before declaring that PSO's storytelling sucks, ask yourself if you're judging it by the right criteria. Of course it doesn't compare well to the older games if you want a purely linear, narrative style, but that's because it never TRIES to be a linear narrative. Thus, judging it as one is unfair.

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    That's very much true. Some of the quests actually do alot to help the story, especially some of the Download ones from back in PSO and PSO Ver. 2.

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    On 2002-12-28 18:51, YamatoTakeru wrote:
    About the comment for story telling, you do realize that Sonic Team made every Phantasy Star game ever released right?
    They didn't. I wish I could credit the whole PS series to SonicTeam, because they are my favorite developer group, but they did not make them all. Yuji Naka did program the original and most revolutionary "Phantasy Star", and fragments of people who later composed the SonicTeam did work on a PS game here and there. However, the team who developed the last PS games did not work on PSO... and that is why a fair share of PS fans do not consider PSO a true part of the series (not including me).

    Where did the PS programmers go? They, accompanied by some of the developers of "Panzer Dragoon Saga", made "Skies of Arcadia".

    Sega's development teams were chopped up a lot during the late Genesis/Saturn era. You know, I don't even know who programmed "Panzer Dragoon Orta", it's slipped my mind... but I really doubt they got the mish-mosh Team Andromeda back together for that.

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    wow, thank you everyone!

    i think gamegear was the european name for the nomad, but then again, i could be wrong ^_^
    it had enlighted colourdisplay and ate 4 R6/AA-Batteries in about 1,5 hours, wasnt it?

    this hybrid console was a great idea imho, but well, sega never had that luck with hardware ^_^

    about the saving-bug...
    well, its really annoying - i thought it would be over (because i saved in ps2 once) and had a long streak exp-hunt and then wanted to save and ... 'blue screen' (yes really, when saving in town you get a nice bluescreen when it freezes ^-^
    anyway, the game's fun also besides this - and good thing its limited to ps1 only. (i hope so at least)

    (also since i imported i wont likely send it back and have it replaced... well...)

    saving in ps3
    thanks for the hint, i searched the booklet and there was nothing - only that you'd have only 2 savegames at once...
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