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Thread: Can't open PSU

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    i got direct x 9 etc.
    I even checked my firewall to make sure it's allowed. PSU.exe is allowed. and so is psuonline.exe
    anyway it downloads gameguard fine. What's happening is the gameguard stuff finishes and disappears as usual, then it goes away for a minute. Then the window for PSU appears, and immediately disappears. Like it was closed or something. open task manager and the process doesnt even exist.
    how do i fix this?

    i tried full screen mode and that makes the screen go black for a few minutes,
    and then after about 5 minutes, it auto-closes.

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    are you swapping windows as well? That was my problem with my first install and why it kept bored of watching it and apparently gameguard detects that and will shut it self down.

    other then that i don't have much input for you
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    i thought that may be the case, so i sat and watched both screens (without swapping windows, as i can't play melty blood while swapping windows or it closes as well)
    however, it still closed itself without swapping windows... mind you this isn't my PC this is an alternate one im trying to play on because mine has no internet connection.
    it doesnt have a dvd drive (i've been using an external HDD for my PC and it works fine, it also works when i plug it into other PC's)
    at first i figured it was direct x 9.
    so i downloaded it online since i couldn't use the cd, as the pc has no dvd drive (pos)
    it worked a bit better, it started opening gameguard, which it didnt do before. but it still fails at that point...

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