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    A picture of my friend. She plays a FOmar so I tried my best converting the girly guy's costume into a girl's costume and somehow made a flappy dress. Damnit....

    "A bad workman always blames his tools" is the saying but my photoshop does lack a few features that would have made colouring this picture much easier. (Like having the clouds filter to make the clouds and lightning, ImageReady so I could turn it into an animated GIF with the rain and the lightning) but oh well, I suppose I'll have to shell out for a full copy of Photoshop sooner or later if I want to take this seriously.

    Who'd have thought that digital drawing/colouring would be so easy/hard compareed to traditional style?! At least with pencils or pens, you just have to worry about them getting lost, broken or blunt and it was way more fun without the "undo" button!

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    Looks great! especially if this one of you first Photoshop colorings..

    And I think it's a good thing you don't have the cloud filter. Using the cheap stuff like the old cloud/thunder trick makes your picture look cheap. There are alot better ways to do it.

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    At first I thought, "Kick ass looking girl." Then came "But wait, that's a fomar's outfit." Next "No, no, that's definitely a girl." Finally "Oh, maybe I should've read the actual post and I wouldn't be making an ass out of myself." But there you go.

    I like the detail on the battle fan, personally.
    I'll do what I will.

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    Prety good, but, you got the face kinda... bisexually indistinguishable, i mean, it's slinder by the jaw, like common females, but it's thick and buffed at the forehead and temple of the skull, giving a male look.

    <.< The face is just what erks me about this picture, everything else is pretty good, even the Battle VERGE that you did.
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    Thank you all, it's not my first colouring done in photoshop but it is the first one done with multiple layering and transperency preserve to colour the outlines as well as using Photoshop to add in a background (hastily and shoddily made as it is).

    As for the face, I have to admit that I based it upon my own and since I'm a guy.. well...

    Actually, I based the body on a picture I found, changed the position a little bit (right leg, both arms, head angle) and did everything based on my own proportions except for the breasts and the exaggerated hip and waist size. I wanted to keep this picture as realistic as possible and not go into the typical manga/animé style of drawing so her breasts are positioned a little bit lower but I'll admit, not low enough (because after studying the girls walking around in my city though, some of their breasts are actually quite high...).

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    What, arent all FOmars truly women? 8D

    I like her passive pose, though I can easily imagine her raining down zonde bolts ala thor from the clouds there.

    Good luck with photoshop, too! Theres a lot to learn in there and even the stunted versions without masive brush archives or filter power can be used for some really good stuff. :3!

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    Good luck with photoshop, too! Theres a lot to learn in there and even the stunted versions without masive brush archives or filter power can be used for some really good stuff. :3!
    I agree with that. Eventhough I use CS3 (for the native Intel support on Macs), the only tools I use are selection tools, standard brushes, eraser, colorpicker, paintbucket, some layerblend modes and LOTS of layers.

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    Awesome pic, but I still keep seeing a male in there DX lol
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