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    well, heres all of my items

    DB's Saber x6
    Kaladbolg X1
    Flowens Sword x4
    Yamato+60 /plain (x2)
    Stag Cutlery x1
    Red Handgun+32 x1
    Guilty Light x1
    Rappy's Fan x1
    Boomas Claw x1
    Goboomas Claw x1
    Blade Dance x4
    Bloody Art x1
    Club Of Laconium x6
    Digrinder x1
    Jack o Lantern x1
    Trigrinder x1
    Recovery Barrier
    Amplifier of Deband
    Amplifier of Gizonde
    Amplifier of Rafoie
    Dragon Slayer x1
    +8 total in grinders
    Shield Of Delsaber x1
    Angry Fist x1

    AIM me at Kinoman665

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    how about a hilde cane & 3 pds for the red handgun

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    Hey man, I emailed u and pmd u. Get in touch and we'll work something out.

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    I want your jack o lantern, i have delsabre buster..

    do you want something else for it?

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    i have delsabers buster+2 and a hildebears cane for trade. i like your red handgun and your jack-o-lanturn!

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