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    Who else agrees that Sega should make PSO available for the PC? I think they should also make that thing that's out for the PS One where it's a little T.V. attached to your Playstation. Then we could all play at work, home, in the car, while we're sleeping, and never have to communicate with the outside world ever again! It's ingenious!!!

    Ok, for real though...anyone else with me on them making PSO for the PC? Of course they'd have to make it versitle for you to play with those playing on the DC. But wouldn't it be neato?


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    Heard that SEGA is making a chip/hardware which can be installed in a PC. This chip/hardware enables you to play DC games on PC.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Well, there is Bleem for the PC which allows you to play Dreamcast games on the PC, but I think it's limited to only certain games. Anyone know if PSO is versitile with Bleem?


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    Bleem! is for PSX games not DC games, unless there's a new kind of bleem I don't know about.

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    On 2001-02-14 15:34, gryphon410 wrote:
    Well, there is Bleem for the PC which allows you to play Dreamcast games on the PC, but I think it's limited to only certain games. Anyone know if PSO is versitile with Bleem?

    Well, did I say Bleem?? SEGA is making Bleem?? Please read my first post again.

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    Rei, you are correct, from what I've heardread Sega plans to release an add-on card for PC that allows you to play DC games on them. It's similar to what 3DO did.

    As for seeing PSO on PC; If your going to make this happen, you might as well go all out - More levels, more options, maybe have the ability to have six party members together, etc. Unfortunately I don't see this happening any time soon.

    If the the sales for PSO exceed Sega's expectations, who knows, but I think this series will live for awhile on DC.

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    They should do it for ps2.

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    In reply to your last message, I know you didn't mention Bleem. I brought Bleem up. After what you said about the chip, I started thinking that I had seen Bleem! before when I was working at a games dealer a while back.

    I think that'll be great though that they're coming out with that chip.


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    I had a 3DO, and was pissed that they released the ISA card.

    Chances are it's going to be a simple PCI card. The thing is, the controllers on the DC are rather big in plug size (bigger than an expansion slot hole) - so maybe they're just going to have one plug into an external bay that comes with it. I'd like to see this, actually. Instant VGA Box? I'd get one even if I had a dreamcast.

    The only problem? Sega's out of the hardware biz, remember? So this is another product "up in the air"

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    I agree, if PSO came out for the PC imagine all the mods that could be made for it also the fact of starting a server outside of or in Sega;s case bringing more of the PC crowd to the game. I just hope they add more areas to the game in an expansion.


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