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    On 2008-02-25 14:13, Randomness wrote:
    Anyone who thinks its possible to make software bug-free while also making it do anything practical needs a reality check.

    You can only make code perfect to a certain level. Once things get to a certain point of complexity, good luck isolating the offending code.

    Given a program utilizing 10,000 lines of code, theres probably millions of ways for it to go wrong. Compilers will only tell you that something isnt coded right, they can't do a thing about intent errors.

    And bug testers are, of course, human.

    Why am I bothering with a lecture on the internet?
    lol ^_^
    i kinda understood what you was saying

    OVERALL....when ever they fix one MG Glitch....95% of the time there will be another one....
    Like what someone said earlier....after the update 4 hours later there will be on lol
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    I think they should make the MGs shoot burst not shoot fully automatic!

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    If they removed the ability to stack it LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE FROM THE BEGINNING none of us would be posting in this thread right now.

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    Why is this Thread still going? You baby's got what you want. I know there is another glitch out there i'v seen it, its just more secret now. so... Whats next to Complain about?

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