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Thread: LOOK OUT!!!

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    yes indeed omegapirate.

    i shall read a book

    *grabs the book from the table

    i shall read this "old man and the sea" and Cherio along my way

    *all in british accent*

    p.s. Ashlyn, youh should really talk to him

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    On 2008-01-05 17:37, Ashlyn wrote:
    No, no. As for the bashing comment on me above i dont care about ur opinion, u dont kno the story i only told it briefly and it's none of your buisness what he lied about. As for the guy that started this stupid blog he has been harassing me a lot mssgs on my 360 and my phone calling me names and so on and so forth he cant get over it. so even after the numerous mssgs i still didnt contact him until recently stating that if he didnt stop bothering me i was going to inform xbox of him as well as the police, which the very next day hopped in a different game i was in and started yelling at my fiance because his sorry ass was getting killed. So one more strike and well im forced to do something i dont want to do but have to.
    Gotta love that old psu drama it never ends >_>

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    *clunk clunk clunk*
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    Ashlyn: if you really feel like you're being harassed, go here NOW
    Starting over on Xbox360!

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    O no... did someone get milked????

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