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    I'm thinking of doing something else in FKL out of boredom.

    So I thought maybe I would do a CYOA in more of an illustrated style. However, I need two questions answered.

    1. Who wants me to do this, if only for a fun diversion?

    2. If you do want me to do this, what digital medium do you want me to do it in? (Note that it will not be very detailed. The most I'll go for is stick figures and maybe the sprites of FKL from before. If you liked the Mario graphics I used before, please say so.

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    1. Yes
    2. Paint for laughs

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    sure, go for it. use whatever program or method is easier.

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    Alright, as of now it's Paint.

    Anybody else care to give me input?

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    what van said
    Hey guys, want to see a magic trick? *disappears for a few years*

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    Make sure it isn't longer than 2 chapters, that way you might be able to get half way through before getting bored quitting.
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    Personally, I'd prefer you to use something a bit stronger than Paint, if only for the appearance of the images. (This only applies if you go with sprites, since paint doesn't support transparency... you'd have trouble overlaying sprites and such)
    Coming Soon!

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    I've heard lens flares cover a multitude of sins.

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    Alright. Should I choose to do any spritework, it will not be with Paint.

    Now then, for the first picture:


    You are skydiving. Now what?

    Yes, I really am making it that open-ended. So what happens next? I'll take the first (forum-appropriate, of course) suggestion that is posted, unless it would kill the character off too early, or unless I see a later suggestion that is exceptionally funny. Also keep in mind that even though I will intervene to keep our stickperson from dying in the first few pictures, once we get past that there's nothing stopping him from dying due to a bad decision somewhere along the line. When/if he dies, I'll just start another if you like how I'm doing things.

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    I'd stick with paint but using a mix of mediums and styles could never hurt (from paint to sprites to copypasted pictures, etc.)

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