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    I don't know if this has been posted before:

    These aren't mine, but I thought they'd be worth sharing. Level Up!

    Edit: blasted formatting!

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    "Another victim of BSOD"

    "I defeated De Rol Le and all I got was this T-Shirt"


    /wipes pepsi from monitor

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    Wow those are awesome! I am so inspired now, if only my webmaster would let me upload semi-naked chibi hunewearl pics id be all set! I think he takes the "master" part too seriously. If I was in charge I'd draw whatever the hell I want (blah blah blah...etc etc etc etc) but anyway those are great. Tell whoever made them to make more!

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    The artist is GD-kun, I think (draws on the same oekaki I do occasionally; neat!). His webcomic is here: (Warning: mature content). I love his style of drawing.

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    That's so fucking funny!

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    That had to be one of the best PSO-related comic experiences that I've ever had. XD The problem there being that those total as this one, those twelve that everyone's seen (the ones with the Falz floor faces saying "I can see your underwear!" to a FOmarl), and that De Rol Le one that I just don't understand. O_o

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    very funny
    I like

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    *Falls out of chair laughing*

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