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Thread: Large enemy BS

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    I'm getting a little tired of being stuck in svaltus. Are you really telling me it's taht hard to hit the gmae so i don't jump around like a hampter on crack every time a large enemy gets within 5 feet of me.

    Reasons I'm annoyed
    1. Svaltus spins, so position and timing are important
    2. going into beast form means mele-ing him. the jumping around meanss 1/2 my hits miss (not "0", but literally swinging at nothing)
    3. Getting stuck inside and damage/status rape

    I reported the bug over 2 months ago.

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    theres a bug?

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    I think I know what hes talking about. It happens with the SEED-Ardites too. If you get between their legs, there is a bug with the collision system and you end up getting shaken like a paint can trying to get out. The bug isn't a deal breaker, but its still pretty annoying.

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    its worst for fighters, can be just annoying really.
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    I would call it a deal breaker, what the heck! Needs fixing, especially since this is "new" to AotI.

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    FSOD is a deal breaker. I can deal with this.

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    It's mostly annoying when you use a freeze EX, then you can't move anymore. ._.

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    This happens to me too and it's pretty annoying. :/ I find that certain PAs cause this more than others so I stick with PAs like Renzan Seidan-ga, which seems to be slightly better at avoiding it. In fact, any PA where you're not standing by their feet for very long is probably a good choice. It's not just Svaltus and SEED Ardite, though. One time I got dragged 100 yards across the room after being trampled by an Orcdillan, and that's not even a large monster!

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    I caught an awesome ride on the Jishgara Express. Orcdillians are awful 'cause they always show up in hallways and tiny rooms and you always get shoved into a room-edge and stuck inside the stupid things.

    IMO the only effective PA for taking on Svaltus is Anga Jabroga. JA and wind up just outside of their sword reach, they'll walk towards you instead of tagging you with a hit... then you fly past 'em and rack up full hits from behind for awesome damage and lols. It ALSO happens to avoid the stuck-in-the-legs thing.
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    I been stuck in between the legs of them sons of bitches like a whore..

    Thus now I hit them with techs does more damage for me with less risk of them slapping.
    Or If I do melee them well, Nariko will live.

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