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    hey well the koolest weapon right now i have only sbeatblade +25 max that i it vhard to find rare weapon such as double saber or phonton claw....on offline version. i wish i could see what in the world happen when you on line and meet other people....

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    The most hardcore weapon i have ever seen/use is needle spread. I do 350-550 to everyone at icnredible speed(this weapon shoots faster then you can slice with s-beats) as well as having a high % effect of paralysis as its special. In my opinion this weapon is the best..period.
    Auran-lvl 100 humar

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    I also forgot to add that hunters can use this weapon and this weapon also has almost the same range as rifle

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    You're going to laugh, but my brother can do about 1,500 points of damage in one whack with his DB's Saber's special attack. That's with Shifta. I'm not sure what the attributes on it are. I've got the Orochi Agito, and I only do 450 - 500 points (no Shifta). It has no attributes.

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    Gotta go with the Saber +3. Saber +5 if you want to be really badass

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    While it may not be a super rare or an agito, I love my supressed gun +40. This is the only true rare item I have found in 130 hrs, and I treasure it.
    What I love is that it looks understated, no flashing lights or glowing purple. When you see it, you dont think about i, but all the sudden you notice the long barrel.
    Call me wierd but i like my dirty harry gun

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    I like the look of a chain sawd.

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    The overly kute magical piece for me!

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    Holy Ray is the best 4 me.

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    I got the Holy Ray and let me tell you it kicks major azz.

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