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    This is sad...I did the glitch for fun...did a whole bunch and got banned....So ppl leveling faster, earning meseta and leveling PA at a ridicuolous rate by glitching is LEGIT???

    I've worked hard legitimately 6 months non-stop, I have 2 30%+ double agitos, 46% and 42% grand crosses, 42% serafis, and 2 50% gizahas , and 29 mil all down the drain....none of those items earned by cheating or scamming...and 6 mil of that 29 mil from selling grinders to NPC's...I was certain there was a fix and roll back all I'd lose is the 6 mil...this sux...

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    you took a chance, broke the rules, and got banned. It's part of the terms of service.


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    OK,so everyone who used the MG glitched broke the TOS too and should be banned

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    On 2008-02-02 18:39, JoeFred77 wrote:
    OK,so everyone who used the MG glitched broke the TOS too and should be banned
    Probably, but want to know one big difference? Sega can track items, they can't track the MG glitch.


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    Mechgun glitch is baaaawwwwwwww. Nowhere near on the same scale. But as Jackel said, there's really no way for ST to know someone is doing it.

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    unless someone sends in a vid of you doing it of course. which then you're just screwed
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    well i f i get the perma ban i wont be SEGA so dumb that they couldnt shut down the delivery box until the fix...and trust me they knew about this 3 weeks ago when they banned the person who posted the youtube video.....they were told to shut down the delivery box and didnt listen.....i did it for fun, expecting roll back,,,then poof...banned....i know 10 ppl on my friend list who were doing it...only me and one other got guess what...,,ppl still doing it right

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    and ppl doing it still are selling to NPC making 4 mil an hour

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    On 2008-02-02 18:39, JoeFred77 wrote:
    OK,so everyone who used the MG glitched broke the TOS too and should be banned
    Yes MG glitchers broke the Terms Of Agreement. But the Grinder glitch is on a different scale or UNIVERSE. MG glitch hurts no 1. its just anoying on the other hand the grinder glitch hurts the game by making the PSU Economy Crash/Crumble & making the game less enjoyable. Less enjoyable means SEGA looses money, therefore bannable.

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    Wrong. Mg glitch makes the game harder for anyone without a ranged weapon to tag creatures before the glitchers kill them, not to mention the headache-inducing racket it makes. All of this turns off people from the game, and in that it is every bit as disruptive as the grinder glitch. These people should be banned, regardless of how many heads roll this time. However, proving it via logs has proven impossible so far, which is why (most) have escaped punishment. Hopefully come the Title Update we won't have to suffer these... individuals.

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