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    Are you guys for or against a 3rd party programmer continuing the legacy of PSOBB on his free server?

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    Helped the guy test it, of course I am there.
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    Man, he's pushing it. Op I mean.

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    Perfectly fine IMO. Sega hasn't done jackshit about it from what I've seen. Sega doesn't care about the game anymore, they should give up the software and let others enjoy the game instead of pushing PSU onto players.

    Also, inb4lock

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    I completely support it. Sega doesn't care about PSO, and even when they did, they didn't do it well. (insert private server that we all know about, yet never talk about) keeps the server in good condition, and although it can be a bit buggy at times, has great support, and no glaring problems.

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    Again, sega wont even bother to try and stop the servers out there, but they wont give out the info either, because then everyone would be able to find a server easily and play free PSO, and most of whatever's left in psu will be gone.

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    PSO-World is a game?

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    XDeathX, please do not promote or encourage the use of private servers here. Just a reminder, PSOW does not support or condone to what considers to be illegal. So refrain from creating such topic again.
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    I have yet to have stated any private server so I do not see whats wrong here. And I do not see why it is consider illegal to revive a dead online game free of charge with the download being from the official website itself so if it is illegal. Lock me up and throw away the key.

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    As long as SEGA have their servers up, it is not "dead" yet.

    And the private servers are very inferior compared to the official ones. Sure, there may be more support on it, but it's very glitchy to play on, considering how you need to download a lot of stuff to make it actually iron out a couple of bugs.

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    On the gamecube i rarely see any glitches on "that" server and i never downloaded anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by loukaras View Post
    PSO-World is a game?

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