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    Quote Originally Posted by F-Gattaca View Post
    "Right from our very beginning, we neitypes were created by those foolish humans to become weapons of war. The value of a neitype is based completely on strength alone. Sister, you are said to be the ultimate masterpiece of the NM-1000 series. For me, defeating you would be reaffirming my existence."
    Hmm, I always thought that the Newmans were created solely by Mother Brain, Gene, and Seed. I wonder if that was an error. Newmans were originally created to slaughter humanity and replace them with the Newmans (New Humans) that could live in the new environment after The Great Collapse.

    Except wasn't Neifirst created by Humans doing cloning experiments? NM-2011 might have been referring to that.
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    I know this isn't related to the story but if you think Newmans are only good at magic and can't be competent elsewhere, you are horribly, HORRIBLY wrong..

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    Well yeah, but if they don't add a matching type and weapons, then they aren't the same as back then. They could at least add claws to AT, make smaller, 3-bladed non-photon claws and add a costume like Nei's PS Generation 2 outfit, and Rika's outfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Typheros View Post
    I'd kill for the classic Numan outfits.
    YES! onepice unitards for ALL female Newmans on PSU and PSO!! i was kinda hopeing they'd have that for Caseals atleast (Meiu and all)

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    I was hoping that one of the One-Piece Swimsuit variations would be all-black because that would actually get you fairly close to Rika's outfit, but no such luck.

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    I don't particularly like how this was done in PSU either, I've never really liked elves, but newmans were fun, I played PSO before PS, but I always liked HUney best of them, and it was pretty close.

    I dislike them in PSU, at least CoG, the organization annoyed the hell out of me, I would have preferred that they had gone back to their roots like they claimed they intended to on this game.

    Beasts, are probably a bit closer as was said, but I dislike them too, they look a bit brutish and have ugly noses. I also dislike nanoblast.

    I do wish AT could use claws as well, especially if they were given 30 skills and access to twin claws too, then I'd play the crap out of that class on my newman.

    Also, I'd rather like some of the classic PS style clothes as well, not just for newmans, though, and they style was bit more appealing than what we were given now.

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    Ooh, gib Alys's outfit :3 And Alis's too, it'd be like a female armor.

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    Well, you know, this is MMORPG, they have to make each race are good at different way.
    They can't make it like Nei, Rika, that is clearly just superior. Everybody would choose newman for doing every classes if the status are that good.
    And it is not like Newman can't be good at melee class. I use my newman as AF, she is just look like a ninja. I block every single hit from bear spin.

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