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    After spending over 11 mil gettin my PM pretty much pure (lvl 91 w/84% chance) so I can make that Tesbra I been lookin forward to. The idiot spits out a freakin okiku doll. OMG...great way to start the day huh. I've said it once and I'll say it again...I hate synthing...end rant >=(

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    Let's say you have a gun, and you're shooting a target. No matter how far away the target is, you only have a 50/50 chance of hitting it. Either you hit, or you miss. Nothing else factors in to this equation at all; not your skill, the movement of the air, the size of the target, the closeness of the target, nothing.
    That's what you're saying.

    Out of 100 chances, 84 of those are a chance of landing a successful synth, and 16 of those are a chance of getting a monomate. You just happened to hit one of the 16.

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    Tesbras drop often in the MAG event so dont get your hopes up.

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    lol +11m for a Unpure tech pm ? some one has a picture of a failcat ?

    why make unpure btw ? if you are spending lots of dough for it. why not make it pure. ?

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    Be glad you even found a [b] Tesbra. You wouldn't believe how bad some people have it.
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    In this case, an 84% chance of hitting the target regardless of any other factors.

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    84% =/= 100%
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    I failed at Kan Yu on a pure striking PM @ 92% success rate back when Kan Yu's still fetch a decent price even for a low %...o,o shit happens.

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    pity the man who failed the agito repca, 99%, or the psycho wand while we are at it.

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    I dont use my TECH PM much, but shes made 3 Tesbra, 1 Kazarod. Then failed a Halarod. lol
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