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    hEY.. i'm kinda new to the Phantasy Star Online world?... I am just starting a game and i am leaning towards being a Human + Hunter... i just need someone to give me some advice on what to feed my mags, and basically how to become a better player...

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    Well MAGS are a complex issue and need to be learned for yourslef (a lot of trial and error). But in gameplay if your a ranger there's really a few rules to always follow.
    1. Don't go in hand to hand unless using a excellent saber or whatever.
    2. Get a riffle asap and snipe monsters off from a distance (maybe a dim - series one with the one shot kill)
    3. Use the doors to your advantage run through them when monsters get close and they will move back to where they started.

    thats about it so goodluck hope everything goes well

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    Actually, I don't think Hunters can user Sniper Rifles. What you feed your mag really depends on what your style of play is. If you want to straight up kick bootie and be a front line fighter all the time, feed it lots of Sol-Atomizers, Diamates and MonoMates. I personally like to be a fighter/support guy so I feed my mag lots of Moon-Atomizers as well. This increases your MST and Mind. I am casting things like Reseta lvl 7 and Grants lvl 5 with a Hunter! My Mag has ATP of 78 and MST of 43. I have focused on these two stats because of my style of play. Nothing's sweeter than running into a room in the Caves on Hard, casting a RaFoie for 150 damage on almost every creature in the room, then smaking them with my Breaker + 25 and wiping them out. The High MST also contributes a great deal in team games as you blast the creatures to soften them up, let your teammates mop them up and BOYAA, you get the experiance as well. I realize that my Techniques will never get as good as a Forces will at my Level (I'm only lvl 35) but my techniques don't exactly suck. The best advice someone can give is to fedd the hell out of your Mag. He has made me more powerful than I should be at only level 35.

    Good luck....

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    Yea if your makin a hunter listen to what the other guy said i saw your face and thought ranger dunno why shrug. Well anyways peace out

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    Well as a L71 HUmar, I can give you some good advice. First, the Spread Needle is your best friend, by time you get around my level, you should get one, find or trade, or whatever. Also, if you can get a good high level player to supply you with trimates, give them to your mag for mad power. The Varista, despite its low rareness, is a good gun for a hunter around level 40. When you get to hard and v.hard, dont even bother with sabers, get swords (long swords) or guns, because using a saber or double saber variety will get you quickly overwhelmed, especially if you are by yourself. Also, see if you can get a friend to let you borrow a mag with high Mind stat, so you can learn good spells early. I think my lowest level spell is a level 8 megid. Most of everything else is 15. Always keep an eye out for materials, that raise your stats. These are very vital to your success. And take care of your mag! It will draw the line between brutal death and beautiful prosperity. Peace

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    He said he's a newbie and a Hunter, people. Spread needles don't pop up in front of lvl 1s, I'll garuntee you that. Personally, I have one lvl 26 HUmar and a lvl 4 HUnewearl. So, aside from the good MAG tip Reace gave, you should first of all master the combos. That means you can attack three times, a skill that you will need to use throughout the game. So you have to hit the button at a certain time. Try this at first, wait until your char finishes swinging the weapon, then press the button again. If it works, you should go from the end of that attack's position right into another attack. The best combo to use? Try light attack, light attack, heavy attack. That way you do the most damage possible, AND you knock back the enemy enough so you can get yourself ready to repeat. Now, for the weapons. Sabers are somewhat slow, but do good damage. Then there are Daggers, which are fasters and hit twice, but for less damage, so one light attack of a Dagger equals a little more than a light attack with a saber. Then comes swords, which spread out the damage done, but do less of it. Very nice for those who intend to attack groups. Then comes the Partisans (My favorite weapon) Which are weaker, more accurate versions of swords. As a new Hunter, as soon as you can use guns, use them until you get to an adequate level, otherwise you'll find yourself using many a monomate just taking down a group of boomas.

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    If you want to follow's Lith's advice, just thought I'd note that most people think yer a jackass if you use a spread needle.

    Of course, if you want to use guns to much, be a ranger. Hunter's are meant for close combat, daggers, sabers, partisans...etc. Sure they CAN use some guns, but guns weren't meant to be a large part of a hunter's life.

    Anyways, hunters have the highest max atp so getting your mag's pow up is something you don't need to worry about much. Defense on the other hand you should definately work on. Hunter's do have the highest max def also, but hunter's fight close combat and get hit a lot more. Now humar's mst is alright, so if you want to be the type that constantly freezes it's enemies then hack 'n slashes them to death. (or anything else which requires a high amount of technique usage) raising mind a lil would help, but not required much. And evasion, everyone's max evasion is the same, and fairly good, but should still be boosted a lil.
    Lemme summarise:
    Boost DEF the most
    Boost MIND and DEX the next
    MIND more if you want to use spells a lot
    DEX if you couldn't care that much about spells
    Boost POW just a bit
    70/50/50/30 or similar stats work nicely

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