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    On 2008-04-23 13:35, Randomness wrote:
    ZSS is a lot of fun. Biggest disappointment to me is Shiek... Used to be my main char in Melee, but now... all his/her knockback has been nerfed severely...
    OMFG thank you i was wondering if it was just that i lost my touch or what but yea shiek is really bad now, the flying smash ability is what made her/him fun and now thats pretty much not an option.

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    Kraid and Ridley too big? They are just as big as Samus is before they got cloned.

    Mine would have to be Ganon. I'm glad he's in, but... What the hell? He runs like a nerd, his moves are still based off of Captain Falcon, and there isn't even any mention of him existing before Twilight Princess. Trident of Power? Nope. Magic reflectable balls? Nuh-uh. But Epic Backfist of Doom? You'd better believe it!
    Who cares if he never used anything remotely like that, or the fact that he never fought hand-to-hand? Who cares that the form used in most of the game he was in isn't even mentioned? He can flying uppercut!

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    Sheik is officially female, by the way.

    And yes, the adjustment to Sheik was necessary - she was too powerful in Melee for how fast she was. Now, it works out a bit better: Sheik is for racking up damage and taking on the assault, Zelda is for getting those KOs.

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    Firstly, Isaac should've been a character well before Samurai Goroh.

    Secondly.... Kraid... too big. Ridley... too big. Omega Pirate... too big.

    All of the Metroid characters are a lot bigger than Samus, and scaling them down would've destroyed the character if you ask me.

    As for most of the other complaints:
    Yeah, no real reason to use Shiek... except shiek is better at speed and building up damage in close combat. Zelda is better at killing and ranged combat.

    And Sonic. Oh god Sonic. Sonic can dominate the air game. Kinda funny how that works, but he's actually far superior in the air than on the ground.

    I was refering to the original incarnations of kraid & ridley which where not very Big at all, if anything they could have been bowser or king dedede's size, and who cares about isaac i was asking for one of his true arch enemies from fzero samurai goroh !

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    On 2008-04-23 14:09, Sgt_Shligger wrote:
    On 2008-04-23 13:47, Leviatha wrote:
    On 2008-04-23 13:35, Randomness wrote:
    Biggest disappointment to me is Shiek... Used to be my main char in Melee, but now... all his/her knockback has been nerfed severely...
    Agreed. I think they did that so you HAVE to play Zelda.

    Of course they did. The idea is that Sheik was a bit too powerful. There was no need or reason to even use Zelda in Melee. Hell, if Nintendo wanted two separate characters for Sheik and Zelda guess what they would've done? Created two separate characters for Sheik and Zelda.

    It's the same deal with Poke'mon trainer and Samus. You need to get good with all these characters' forms in order to truly progress. They have greater weaknesses then other characters because they completely change their fighting potential mid-fight.
    I don't have a problem with Shiek getting weaker, it just seems overdone... Pokemon Trainer... Charizard is a beast. As for Samus, her forms can only be switched by final smash, or a very fast button input (to go to Zero Suit), and thats one-way.

    ZSS is easily the most complete of them, with more than enough killing power. (Read:Side+B)
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    On 2008-04-23 13:51, Sord wrote:
    On 2008-04-23 12:04, The_Gio wrote:
    Im guessing im the only thats been to an MLG game,ganondorf kicks ass,hes not slow at all,unless your just trying to do the specials,im not gonna tell you how to play as him cuz honestly its all style but im just gonna say ganondorf kicks the s*** out of captain falcon in everyway(not to sound biased)
    no idea what MLG game is, but I agree ganondorg kicks ass. He's my favorite, and if people bothered to learn to use him, he's great. However, I'm still pissed that they didn't give him a truly unique moveset and let me use the GODDAMN SWORD.

    Anyways, Zelda may be better, but at the downside Shiek is shit.

    Ness just isn't as fun with Lucas around

    As Jackel said, the fox characters are indeed diffrent. I play wolf 2nd or 3rd most (tough call between him and R.O.B.) but I fucking hate playing fox and falco.

    Sonic, my god the movements, I guess if someone can get it down, great, but imo, GTFO.

    Olimar, why oh fucking why. I hated the pikmins games, there is nothing I like about the guy, he seems to have the most bland moves of all but the AI can still be cheap as hell just by throwing the carrot bastards at you. There is a good chance this is me just guzzling haterade, but I'm not to sure.

    I still hate yoshi, always have. Though I know he's a good character, I've seen him used well, I just hate the guy.
    MLG is major league gaming like professionals,ive only been in some and lost severely in first few rounds,and Olimar is my favorite next to Wario,I never played the pikmin games so i dunno about that,but still Olimar is very good if you know his secrets,like his pikmin getting extra power the more you keep em alive(you can tell by their flower on their head by how old they are) I personally think everyone is great cept for characters I mentioned earlier and shiek was a little off balanced,shes good now tho,that forward A in the air was too strong,and I used to play as sheik and I admit that

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    It's still listed as TBA 2008 for Europe, so I'll tell you then.

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    lucas and pit are the most newbiest characters imo
    sheik is fine SHE is very well balance now and i used her in ssbm. her smash only sux if you do not use it right. it knocks out horizontally so if there is a wall or something behind the opponent do not use it.
    omg ganon and cpt.falcon are a hell of alot different and i learned that off of MLG aswell, i perfer ganon ( he is still good in ssbb). i think his sword taunt is pretty cool. he is just saying yeah i got a sword, i dont need.
    olimar is very good, to the point where he can be cheap but you need to be smart with him.
    i do not like sonic just because his smash is just cheap, i mean pikachus is the same but atleast that takes controlling skill and it doesnt knock out so easy.
    lucario is not really that weak and his knock outs are great imo also his aura sphere is very good with high %
    i also do not like how samus is slugish now i mean dont get me wrong she was one of the best chars in ssbm , MLG >.>, but i personally am bugged by it. also you do not need to get the smash orb thing or the taunt trick for zero suit. just hold R button (if you are on gc controller) while pressing start in the character select menu.
    what i honestly really hate is that they took off mewtwo and roy ( i hate seeing the 100th marth player online ). they could have been made completely unique, i did not realize how great these characters where until MLG aswell.

    also does it matter what size the 8-bit character version of the hunters in the old metroid where, unless they decide to make them 8-bit lol

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    ;o it has to, when Im playing with him I feel like im using a rubber sword...

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