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    A fun idea, I had while trying to come up with a name for my Cast.

    You can use either your real name or Character's name. Simply find your name under the letter and copy/paste its meaning.

    Ex: Joshua.

    The meaning of the name Joshua is God Is Salvation
    The origin of the name Joshua is Hebrew

    One more for lulz: Jesus.

    The meaning of the name Jesus is Form Of Joshua (Booya)
    The origin of the name Jesus is Spanish
    Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name that also gives us the modern name Joshua. It is most commonly used as a given name in Spanish speaking countries.

    Use this link to help you find the meaning of your name :

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    The meaning of the name Kylie is Boomerang

    The origin of the name Kylie is Aboriginal

    Also used as a feminine form of Kyle.
    I knew that.

    The meaning of the name Elle is Short Form Of Names Beginning With El.

    The origin of the name Elle is French

    Elle MacPherson, fashion model. Name of a fashion magazine.
    Well, I use it because of my middle name, and I like Elle Driver.

    Stud is not listed.

    The meaning of the name Lorelei is Alluring Enchantress

    The origin of the name Lorelei is German

    Alternate spellings include: Lorelai

    Lorelei Lee, character in movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" played by Marilyn Monroe.
    Ooh, I like that. I use it because of the German Myth.

    PSO2: Kylie.HUnewearl.Sh02

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    The meaning of the name Brant is Firebrand

    The origin of the name Brant is English
    Already knew that, simple enough.
    Look, he did it again.

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    I made a thread like this in FKL a while back. Only it was for our real names. Ah well. Since I usually name my main after myself, this should be pretty easy.

    Alex - Defender of men (True story. Looked it up a while back.)

    And for kicks and giggles, here's my second character I made a while back.
    AR-7 - Animatronic Ranger 07

    Hunters Guild Group
    Alex - BrHu | Satsuki - RaGu | Keiko - SuTe

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    I had to Wikipedia my name, that site didn't know the meaning.

    Darren is a given name of uncertain etymological origins. The most popular theory is that it originated from a Gaelic surname meaning "great". Another is that it is an English version of the name Darryl, which originated from the French surname D'Airelle meaning "of Airelle."

    There is a line of thought that in Old English, it could mean 'great rocky hill'. The Welsh word Tarren ("knoll, rock, tump") takes a soft mutation after feminine nouns to form darren and is a common element in Welsh place names (see External links at the bottom of the page for an example). However it probably has has no etymological connection with the given name Darren and it is not a native Welsh personal name.

    Darren is the most popular spelling of many variants of the name, but was virtually unheard of before the late 1950s.[citation needed] The increasing popularity of this name may be due to the television show Bewitched which featured a character named Darrin. It may also be due to the popularity of the singer Bobby Darin in 1958. It is currently ranked at 342 in the USA.
    So, either great, or named after a French town.

    HUnewearl power since 2003

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    "The meaning of the name Andreas is Manly

    The origin of the name Andreas is Greek"

    Ohh i like this. XD

    [PSO2] Darkante: Cast HU-44/RA-43/FI-42/GU-30
    Astral Storm: Newman F HU-35
    RB3 - Dark Knight "Ante" : Cast M Lv 200/ JLv Hu50/Ra50/F30/Va46
    RB3 - Crimson Sky: Beast F Lv 174/ JLv Hu34/Ra18/Fo1/Va50
    RB0 - Zone Dynamite: Beast M Lv 76/ JLv Hu0/Ra7/Fo0/Va0

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    The meaning of the name Nigel is Champion

    The origin of the name Nigel is English

    From the Latinised form of Neil (Nigellus). Nigel Hawthorne, actor.

    Huh. Well, that is interesting.

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    Khangnhi- very very asian
    Khanny - Female Cast - Hunter - Fighter - Ship 10 Lv 30

    "I kinda do YouTube "

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    My name means romans like to steal our women. guess what it is

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    The meaning of the name Melissa is Bee

    The origin of the name Melissa is Greek

    Melissa Gilbert, actress. Melissa Joan Hart, actress. Melissa Leo, actress. Melissa Etheridge, singer/songwriter.

    The meaning of the name Tatiana is Fairy Queen

    The origin of the name Tatiana is Russian

    I chose it for the female lead in my favorite book "the Bronze Horseman"

    Forum Name:

    The meaning of the name Raine is Queen

    The origin of the name Raine is French

    I always use Raine because I'm married to Laguna, so it seemed fitting.

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