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Thread: Eff You.

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    Default Eff You.

    Well my little brother has been being a huge asshole for the better part of the day.


    Was supposed to help me clean, but all he did was take stuff out, moved it around &caused an even greater mess. When I told him to put it he said I was "A jerk." &left. (//_-)

    Took my ONLY non-wireless Gamecube controller &manage to fuck it up.
    <Gee thanks, now I have to ORDER IT OFF THE INTERNET!>

    Took my iPod nano.
    He hates my music, with a passion, yet why is he using it? <Headdesk.>

    Used my in-ear headphones. However these are not your typical headphones, they are SkullCnady &cost me a lot, yet he tangled <Yes, tangled, &shoved them n his dirty ear.>

    He;s feaking twelve he shouldn't be doning this shit now, when I was twelve I respected things &asked before I used them, but nooo, he thinks he can go &use all my stuff. He complains he never has any money when he should stop beig so damn picky with what he eats &brng his own lunch to save up for things.

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    Overgetting it etc

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Now he left his toys on my bed. (//_-)

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    Siblings can act out like this for many many reasons. A lot of times it's attention related. He could be jealous of the freedom you're parents are giving you over him due to his younger age.

    He could be a bit jealous over the attention you are receiving from parents, friends, or mutual acquaintances. Sometimes younger siblings will feel left out a bit as an older sibling matures and can relate to older / adult acquaintances better then their younger siblings.

    It could be you're spending more time with friends, boyfriend/girlfriend. etc and he feels left out. Or it could be as simple as he knows doing this stuff gets a rise out of you, and he gets a kick out of it. (also attention related).

    Most likely I'm over-analyzing
    Last edited by Katrina; May 25, 2008 at 11:24 AM. Reason: I have a bad habit of over-analyzing things >_>

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    Put a lock on your door.

    And by lock, I mean a bolt lock to which only you have the key. Pow. Nobody can get in your room anymore. It's an easy and cheap mod that'll benefit you in the long run, instead of being forced to replace things that your sibling fucks up and for which he should rightfully get a punishment.

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    Do you share a room with your brother? It seems like you do, but if not, I agree with KodiaX, although your parents will probably want a key.

    I'd talk with them about having him pay to replace what he's broken.

    Katrina might be right, it could be jealousy... but on the other hand he might just be a selfish brat that doesn't respect something if it isn't his because nothing happens to him if it breaks. You should talk to your parents and hide your valuables until some better solution is reached though.

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    Well if its a attention issue then thats easy to solve. Take you little brother out some where for the both of you to enjoy yourselfs. Spend more time with him play some of the games he likes that way he feels that you enjoy his company. However if hes just disrespecting you by not taking care of your stuff then I would talk to your parents about it.

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    I just think he's being ungrateful. I bought him some candy &a keychain thing for his DS, &he doesn't even say thanks. He just complains about he can't use a decent controller. <ALL of which HE broke, due to excessive button mashing.>

    He stole my batteries for my wireless controller, stereo remote, Game Boy Colour, &Gameboy Advance.

    As for hiding the items; He found them all.

    I told my mom about it &she said to share my things with him, but he leaves sweaty residue on my controller whenever he uses it. I bought him a pair of headphones but he broke them already. He won't replace any of it because he claims "I've had it coming..." My mom just tells me to stop being so annoing, which is easy for her to say when it's not her stuff being destroyed.

    He won't even clean the controller after he leaves a residue, he just said its my fault, I'm a bitch, &that he's dirty &he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.
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    Failsafe solution: stop buying things. The less you have, the less he can steal and break and complain about. Everybody loses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leviatha View Post
    Now he left his toys on my bed. (//_-)
    Well...this one should be easy.

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