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    yes.... my id was in the 18000's..... sorry for being a bitch i get argumentative sometimes.....

    dont blacklist him(Sam) or report him, because it is me.... microsoft is working on it, and knows he took my account....

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    It sucks that happened to you! hopefully you'll get your account back And by the way, that "my friend did this" story gets old fast. it's okay, you made a mistake, no worries! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mman2000 View Post
    If you fall for a scamming site, go here:
    This is so amazing, and helpful!

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    I play too much to post here much. Mman2000's Avatar
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    It's all the help these people need, or deserve for that matter. XD

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    still, for some reason i don't feel confident in microsofts abilities to give me my account back

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