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    Default Some words from Bo and Ippo (from PS 1st Series Complete Album)

    Deco_Bryl sent me a scan from the booklet that comes with Phantasy Star 1st Series Complete Album, a CD collection that contains the complete soundtracks to Phantasy Star through Phantasy Star IV. This scan has some words from Bo and Ippo, two of the composers who worked on the original games' soundtracks. After finally getting around to it, I've translated both composers' words.

    From Bo:
    It has been 20 years since Phantasy Star went on sale.

    Considering how much things have changed over time, it was surprising news to me that the original album was so popular. With the sale of this CD, I want to express my thanks to everyone for the assistance they provided.

    Even now, I still have a cassette tape which I carefully watch over. It's a tape recording of all of the game's music that was sent to me by a fan called "Mr. A" about a month after Phantasy Star went on sale. Inserted in the hand-made case cover was a letter which read, "Please compose more moving music like this," and other words of encouragement. That's only one of the many memories that left such an important impression on me.

    At that time, as we approached the climax of a "bubble period," video games were all the rage, so naturally, Phantasy Star was no different. I think the game's music, influenced by the chemistry of the time period, is when I took the opportunity to become known as "BO." This awakened a powerful energy within myself; it was the reason I would hear what others should hear and feel what others should feel.

    Of course, Phantasy Star isn't the only game that I poured my heart into, but it was definitely the first.

    The game's innovative 3D dungeons provoked something in me; something that made me literally go without food and sleep to focus on making music. From then on, I was able to thrive on hearing my music played through game systems, the chemistry with Mr. A and his tape and letter, and "spiritual vibrations" all working together to keep me going, even if fate dictates that I express my work all from backstage.

    When I listen to this CD, it brings back vivid aspects of the times, such as the faces of the people I worked with, and so forth. Yesterday it was sustenance, today it gives life, and tomorrow will have me striving to reach my limits; but I don't think of it all simply as nostalgia. I see it as being very similar to the struggles with agricultural management.

    One hope I have for this CD is that it will cross the generational gap and form new relationships with new people.

    From Ippo:
    One day, I came across a large roll of paper that was lying in the shadows of a shelf. I didn't remember this thing at all. I was surprised as I unrolled it; it was a promotional poster for Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium. "What is this doing here!?" I thought to myself. For some reason or another, it had been placed and left there. About a week after that, I received a piece of mail about this soundtrack...

    It has been a while since I was last in contact with everyone; I am Ippo. Twenty years have passed since the birth of the Phantasy Star series. To be honest, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a CD like this, let alone one featuring the original sound source, would ever see the light of day. Now, listening to the music of the Phantasy Star games brings back so many memories.

    One day in my second year of working with this company, I suddenly was called into the director's office where he stood me in front of my superiors and told me, "You're going to make the music for Phantasy Star III." Generally speaking, this method of those in charge deciding and then expressly announcing orders wasn't done, so I was wondering what was going on. Then I started to sweat. The project was getting started, and up to that point, I'd never played an RPG, so the designer, Mr. S, lectured me on the game type and even got me started playing some RPGs as a "tutorial." ...oh, what an embarrassing story!

    After several years, the Millennium Project began. Normally I was expected to work only in the sound room, but this is the only project I've been on where I could move directly into the Millennium Team's office, something that usually is seen as inappropriate. In short, the reason for this freedom was the belief that always having the staff around you created the ideal working environment. Being in such close quarters with everyone, you were able to catch a lot of jokes and opinions like "Turn that music off, old man!" and "Demi's pace should be different from Wren's!" However, our schedule really didn't allow for any extra time; our offices really were like a sleepless city. I remember using the excuse that I had a hamster at home to care for to get out of having to stay overnight at the office, however that hamster eventually ended up having to come with me to work. Ah, there are so many things that happened around then I could write about. Even though it could be very strenuous work, it was still a wonderful time. I remember times when everyone, completely worn out, would be called to the conference room. While there, they wouldn't speak a single word, but only stare blankly into space.

    As far as I'm concerned, my best memories are from my work with the sounds of Phantasy Star; I see the music as my child. Even now, I'm proud to say that child is my favorite.

    In closing, I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved with the Phantasy Star series, and to all of the players. Perhaps sometime we'll meet again.

    Enjoy! And thanks again to Deco for the scan!

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    That's awesome, was cool to see the insight into how they made the music. The theme for the Air Castle/Ladea Tower in PS4 (and frequent PS1 dungeon theme) is always going to hold a place in my heart.

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    Ippo is my hero!! =D

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    The music has always been at the heart of the Phantasy Star series. The music that these two artists provided has me listening to the classic themes to this day.

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    Thanks for posting and translating this! I really love the music from the old Phantasy Star games and it's great to hear more from the artists behind it. You don't hear much about these guys. I even have all the old tracks on my 360 so I can listen to them while playing PSU.

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