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    Quote Originally Posted by Magus_84 View Post
    Tower. And Megid was only effective on Sinow Zele. Sinow Zoa liked to use your face for a punching bag. Don't forget Delbiter, too.

    And Mericarols. And Gibbles. Both in CCA. Those numbers are a bit high. Go and play around with the tech damage calculator a bit. Like, for example...

    Against an Ill Gill, using a Fonewearl with level 30 Foie, max MST, Foie Merge and Club of Laconium (ie: maximum possible damage you'll get out of a tech, using the highest-damaging simple tech against a fire-'weak' enemy), you're going to do 511 damage per shot.

    Ill Gills have 4160 HP online. Along with a dash, an instant-death scythe attack and two different flavors of immobilizing scythe. Plus a mid-ranged smoke that can root you to the ground. Against that, try getting off the 9 Foies you need to kill one of them before you get splattered.

    And remember, at your absolute best, you'll need 9 Foies. If you've got less than max MST, less than level 30 Foie, or decide to actually use a shield that boosts your resists, DFP or EVP, it will take more than 9.

    And the Ill Gill won't be the only thing shooting at you. For another example, try Mericarol. With the maximum possible damage boosts (max MST, Mace of Adaman, Fonewearl, Barta Merge), you'll be doing 621 a shot. At your maximum potential, that's 10 Bartas to kill a Mericarol. It has a homing, ranged, instant kill attack that you cannot defend against, except by dodging. And if you get close, it has an instant-death ring of smoke it can launch. Good luck getting off those Bartas.

    Most of the "techs did good damage" stuff is comparing against weakling grunts like Boomas. If you were up against anything that's actually a threat, techs got nerfed hard.
    Ohh yeah, Tower is a good example of HELL.
    Phantasmal World 4 i think were on the towers, that gotta be one of the hardest missions in the game...raping your ass over and over again if you decide to solo it.
    [PSO2] Darkante: Cast HU-44/RA-43/FI-42/GU-30
    Astral Storm: Newman F HU-35
    RB3 - Dark Knight "Ante" : Cast M Lv 200/ JLv Hu50/Ra50/F30/Va46
    RB3 - Crimson Sky: Beast F Lv 174/ JLv Hu34/Ra18/Fo1/Va50
    RB0 - Zone Dynamite: Beast M Lv 76/ JLv Hu0/Ra7/Fo0/Va0

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    Quote Originally Posted by RufuSwho View Post
    i found that in PSO the debuffs would really make everything easy

    same can be said for PSU, but who uses debuffs? some use def down, some even eva/agi down, but who has atk down?

    in high damage rooms in PSO you couldn't keep up healing the damage until your debuffs were in place

    use the eva/agi and def buffs, then the atk and agi/eva debuffs and you will only be killed by megid like everyone else (uh, something about armor, too)

    PSU has techers with nerfed buffs/debuffs, which IS an additional challenge
    I uses debuff on some circumstance against big enemy surrounded by minions.

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