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    Default QUESTION: Damage Variance and Grinds

    Does a gun's ATP varience stay the same when grinded, or does it decrease?

    Also, each weapon has a diffrent attack power variance, right? Are these documented anywhere?

    The reason I ask - I was in a party the other day with someone who had a 9/9 Rattlesnac, and the numbers they were hitting we less consistent than mine.

    Also, I noticed that the Twin Ruby seems to be very consistent - I was bullet lvling the other day, so hitting beasties with the wrong element, but noticed that I was hitting 666x2 with almost every hit.
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    If the variable damage percentage stays constant, then an increase in the amount of base damage would increase the consistancy as well.

    For instance, if someone has a base damage of 100 and the variable damage percentage was, say, +/- 2%, then this person will be able to cause damage of 98, 99, 100, 101 or 102, or a 4 point swing. If this same person has a base damage of 4000 and the variable damage percentage remains at +/- 2%, then they will be able to cause anywhere from 3920 to 4080 damage, or a 160 point swing.

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    AFAIK variance is determined by manufacturer, except for special weapons like the Twin Ruby. Twin Rubys are basically static. You are going to see the same number for almost every shot.

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    Grinds don't affect the variance. Rattlesnac has pretty high variance, though, yeah.

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    I think variance is a number rather than a percent. For instance, Ank Bico has a huge range of variance, probably from 0 to its maximum ATP of 1500. If you grinded it to 10/10, the variance would likely be the same, but shifted up (213-1713).

    But this isn't easily testable, since you'd have to take a lot of values to establish the absolute minimum and maximum damages done, factor out element (if applicable), account for enemy DFP, and character ATP, but I suppose it could be done by someone enterprising enough.
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    From what I've gathered, a weapon has a base attack value and then there's another value that sets how much lower the attack can go from that (you can get technical with a discussion on random number generators to know why its that way). Grinding would increase the base value so the variance would also remain the same since its a fixed number. The first biblec had the variance amount for most of the weapons through A grade but the Illuminus one doesn't seem to have any of this. Which sucks since the variance is different for every weapon, even non-kubaras and there's no easy pattern to it either.

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