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    Default level stats

    do the level stats come out random when you level up? or do they always add up to the same in the end? just wondering..... would be nice to have random for high ata stats each time.... XD

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    All stats gained each level up are preset. A male cast who hit LV 140 / LV 20 ForteGunner a month ago will have the exact same stats as another male cast fortegunner who hit LV 140 / 20 yesterday.


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    this kinda reminds me about a convo of two guys about 2 weeks ago where one was saying that he is staying as a lv 1 and just hanging around doing a c run on wb maxing out his classes so he will get a huge boost when he does lv up, i just said what makes you think thats true and his friend just kicked me then, has anyone heard anything like this floating around or is is a new bit of bs from new players from the demo

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    Classes only modify your base stats while you are that class. Leveling up with certain classes will never change your base stats in the end.
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