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    Default Election contest for 360-make a guess win a prize!

    alright, I'll start out,

    election 08-

    category 1: who will win and by what % difference

    my guess: Obama will take the day with a 5.3% lead over McCain on average,

    category 2: which state will have the closest % margin between Obama and McCain

    my guess: The state with the closest % margin will be Virginia.

    whoever is closest to the % lead I'll donate a pair of Tamagiri-zashi
    (i know it's not too popular or great, but it's the best weap I have that I can't use..)

    whoever picks the state with the closest % margin will win a Double Agito
    (again, not the best, but the other best I have that can't use)

    if anyone wants to, they can donate prizes too, and that way we could have multiple prizes if multiple people win the second one. or then it could be open to PS2 as well!

    if we only have one prize for second category, and more than one person wins, we'll do a random number roll and see who gets highest.

    lets get guessing!

    <<EDIT ----> just so people can't wait till the voting is close, I'll take guesses untill 8 PM! anything posted after 8 will be discounted! thanks and keep the guesses coming!>>

    <<EDIT -----> pushed back the deadline for guesses, only have a few, so if anyone wants to get last minute guesses in, nows the time. they won't have the final results till sometime after 11 pm, i think, so I'll distribute prizes tomorrow sometime. I'll announce results tonight when they come in, and if they are different tomorrow, we'll update. >>
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    Obama wins overall by 3.6%

    State with closest margin is North Carolina

    GT: NosajX9

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    Obama wins by 3.7%
    State with the closest margin is Missouri.

    GT: Syaoran2

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    obama 4.4%.
    closest margin is mississippi.
    gt: chris affinati

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    Bob Barr wins by 16%
    Closest state is California, McCain narrowly beats Obama by 7%

    If I win expect odds.
    Orange Hand. CZ-75b.

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    Obama wins by 5.1%, closest state is Iowa.

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    how would I pay out in odds, I only am giving out 2 weaps,

    but hell Dangerous, if those answers win, i'll give you everything in my measly inventory. hahaha, that would be fantastic

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    Obama by 6.2%, closest state is Florida*
    Just guessing for fun, don't even have PSU

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    for category one, Obama takes the cake with roughly 6 percent difference. Split was closest with a .2% but was just playing for the fun of it. next closest was my guess, then IsoDonk, and as I want to give something away, it'll go to IsoDonk with a .9% difference from the actual results.

    so IsoDonk takes the Tamagiri-zashi

    for categoy two, at the moment it seems the three closest are Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina at a one percent difference. Only NosajX7 and Syaoran_69 guessed one of those states, so it comes down to number of votes

    Missouri's state totals differ by
    5853 votes
    where as North Carolina's differ by
    12160 votes

    so Syaoran_69 takes the double Agito.

    alright everyone, hope everyone who partook and everyone who watched the election results coming in had fun.

    I'll send you guys messages about when to collect prizes.


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