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Thread: PSO papercraft?

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    The red box papercraft is awesome.

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    hmm, but unlike the one i posted, the mag ones come with a program file to be used on a program, unfortunately the program was in jp and i unistalled so i don't know where it is now.
    but if you want i can post the sato, the mag and the pushan mags tomorrow, however, without any guidelines you will be rather confused on how to build it.


    Don't ask me how to build the mags
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    i'm looking for something like that too, but this thread is too old, the downloadlink is broken and 1 of the images too. anyone know of something similar?

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    i can just make a new download

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    This thread is well over a year old. Almost 2 years. Let's try not to bump things this old, if you please.

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