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    Wow, this thread sure got popular overnight. Awesome.

    I don't have much room left in my FC list so unfortunately I'm a little picky about who I add and delete. Sorry :X

    Mysticale - Level 100 FOmarl
    ~Art by Daggart~

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    Got your code DoctorShanks, I'll add you as soon as I get home.

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    Looking for people to run with

    FC is 0905 7509 9703

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    Rappy Hunter Bolmack's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
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    more and more pple O_O

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    feel like running pso bolmack i added you

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    Username: captainhappy
    PS0 Name: SHIR
    F/c:5415 3030 5963

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    OK, my first post here at PSO-World, and I'll get my PS0 FC in as for starters:
    Username: zigazav (The username I use here)
    PS0 name: RAmar (the nickname in the game is the same as my character name)
    FC: 0390 3698 8381
    Just so you know, I can't use Photon Blasts right now, the L button on my DS is broken. It LOOKS not broken, but when I press it, nothing happens. I'm hoping to find my other DS that's also broken, but in a different way that will not effect gameplay.
    *Rappys appear out of nowhere* Random CPU team member: " I hate dealing with these things!"
    -From Phantasy Star 0.
    My Mag evolved into a Rappy Mag! YAY! *Tails Chao happy here*->

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    Username: Sesaru
    PS0 Name: Sesaru
    FC: 3225 0555 1552

    The OP says "[Last List update 02-01-2009]". It's sad that this is the sticky-ed post for FC exchanges while the last update was 3 years ago!
    Last edited by Sesaru; Mar 11, 2012 at 08:29 PM.

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    username:Yuki Asakurai
    PS0 name:Atoli
    friend code:1335 2783 8054

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    Nickname LUNAR
    PS0 Name: Lunar
    FC: 0476 0479 2868

    FOnewearl Lv 65

    PLease add me guys. i love this game. lets revive it together!

    P.S. Ive added all entries on page 153 and 152 on my list, please add me too.
    Last edited by Lunar_Eclipse; Apr 9, 2012 at 06:02 PM.

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