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    Default Some Questions.

    1. If I import this game from will it work on a UK DS Lite, and is there an option/is it easy to change the language to english?

    2. Does online work like give a billion digit friend code then connect at the same time to other people? Or is it more like you add people, and if they are online at the same time as you they appear in a lobby?

    3. Do you combo your attacks or button mash (like in PSU)?

    4. Is there any information for when this game will come out in the UK , or should I just import it?

    That is all :3

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    1 - it'll work fine, but there's no English option

    2 - a bit of both - you have to exchange friend codes, yes, but when you look at your online friends list you'll be able to see who's online, who's in the middle of a game, who's hosting, there's no actual lobby thought

    3 - PSO-style combos with light and heavy attacks, as well as charged attacks

    4 - no info, but it'll come eventually... rumours suggest June 4

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