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    Default Ryudo's Fanworks

    My fanworx (2d, 3d, 4d) here!
    Maya and my char

    77839523 by ~pchaos720 on deviantART
    Rattlesnake incident 1

    Rattlesnake incident 2

    Copypasta from the other topic: Bassically the char in the top (Nae) is arguing with her PM, and the PM cries telling "I'm sorry i'm sorry!!", then a friend of Nae enters the room (Eris) asking Nae that what is all that noise ("Even the people in White Beast must be getting deaf"). Nae explains that her "$%"&!$!%& PM has turned a [b]Rattlesnake in Hapotite. Eris gets shocked when hearing this ("A... a Rattlesnake. We may have sold it for 20000000, ....and now she turns it into Hapotite....!!"). Finally both yiel at the poor PM ("You fooooool!!! We should have not had problems this month with this moneeey! and you turn it into Hapotite, DARN YOUU!!! I'll tear you to pieces!!" "You'll be in a diet from now on! I'll give you only sabers!")

    The Powerpuff girls vs. Dulk Fakis (sorry, it's in Spanish, sooorryyyy!!!)







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    Truly is amazing work. I've always had my own visions and different fanfic ideas, but could never get myself to bring them to life via art (aside from possible video and screenshots).

    That 3D model method sure would be a dream in my eyes. Do you take any requests? PM me if you do.
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    I'm very sorry. I'm working on a model for a videogame me and my brother want to create (It's the character my PSU char is based on, my Ka-oS).

    But in some spare time i can take non-too-difficult/long requests like create a scene (like the PPG wallpapers) with the chars that i've already "processed":

    Ethan (casual), Karen (casual, non-maiden), Laia (casual), Olson Waber, Lumia (both models, heh, this Chibi...), Maya Shidow (removable glasses :P), Alf Tylor, Tonnio Rhima, Liina (normal and Amorosso, like in the wallpapers), Helga Neumann (blue hair), Vivienne, the Casino girl, GH465, G410 (+ 411, 412, 413 and 414 skins), Deja, noseless Deja (I loved his videos and made a replica of his char to extract it. It's my way to say "I lol'd, man" XDDD), my char L-01 Ka-oS, Ka-oS Voloyal model, human Ka-oS bikini model.

    And with some cheating skills/3dsmax skills some variations like... Karen (bikini top, default Karen model bottoms, quite sexy but sometimes the edit is noticeable), Ethan (swimsuit top, that is, nothing in torso, even the wristbands were removed; and Braves CUSTOM bottoms. Here the edit is even more noticeable) and my Ka-oS in top-less.

    There are also some characters of friends from another PSU community, like Chibi-psu (in my sig) and others. Furthermore i got some weapons, like the Gekitsnata or the Ragan-Ragan.

    "Hey, look guys! I found a CAST penis"
    "It's a nose, you idiot..." XDDDDDDD

    So, this is my Ka-oS in the Voloyal outfit and a guest
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    have you ever though about scaling up the textures by vectoring them using illustrator? Dunno how hard it is to extract the textures though I haven't used 3D progs for 2 years >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Ryudo View Post
    So, this is my Ka-oS in the Voloyal outfit and a guest
    That is not Deja. The real one would say 'Give it back! But 'play' with it before you do that!'

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    Nah, the game textures have enough resolution. In addition the extracted models look more like the original models with those textures.
    @Mysterious-G: Well, keep in mind that i don't know him. I put the first thing it pop'd out of my mind
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    Lumia looks scary

    And you WILL TELL ME,

    n_n /wrists

    (Can you please tell me what you have exactly to to this with? I'd be most apprciative.)

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    She's going to kill us all!!!...And I though Bush was going to do that...
    "no matter the man, we all wear masks...either on our faces or over our hearts"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamonKatu View Post
    She's going to kill us all!!!...And I though Bush was going to do that...
    Wait.... who's gonna kill us? Lumia or My Lou army?

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