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    Question Upgraded, Ultimate..Basic..Weapon..

    Okay I am totally unsure if I'm posing this on the right thread but here it goes..

    I would like to know what items to use to upgrade my basic C-Class saber, handgun, and rifle, what element to use, or whatever..

    Umm what is an ideal ultimate upgraded C-class weapon and what do I need..

    I've created a new character (Human) And I pretty much named him, Maaberu and I'm using him as my new main..(Even though my old main was on level 35.. ) and I'm going to use him to do it all, starting from level 1 and growing...

    Any ideas, I am REALLY interested in reading your ideas for a Ultimate Bad ass C-class weapon, let alone searching high and low for the grinders and photons (etc) to create them, I will even give them to the person(s) who has given me the "Recipe"..XBOX 360 players only of course..

    I'm doing this for the fun of it as well, since searching for parties to join makes too much free time go to waste...Lol..And since I'm a noob.. Aw well.. xD

    ~Thank you~

    - Maaberu -

    ..360 Player..

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    I probably wouldnt bother grinding any c class weapons unless you planned to combine them with a compatable armor in the future ( sniper and nafli-zashi come to mind). The stats of your characters rise too fast and thus you'll outgrow those c weps too fast.

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    i agreen with ragnagelppod, not worth grinding wpns till you have a-rank wpns, most of the lower ranks come and go pretty quickly, and as far as what the best wpns are those are debatable.

    are you looking for the most damage/pp/att, do you prefer ranged wpns, 1hs, 2hs... basically it's best to look over the kinds of wpns you like and compare stats. the lists on this site are a pretty good start, they're even sortable by the stat u want.

    give it a look:

    edit: p.s. it also has pics and drop info/element limitations =)
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    I'm not sure if your doing this because your a basic class, because your new to the game, or because your bored. If its either of the first two, don't. If its the last one well then read on. The only 'good' (and I use that term loosely) c-rank weapon would be a pumpkinhead 10/10. Outside of that, you have to look at which ones get bonuses with certian armors. Alteri/Al-senba comes to mind. While the alteri is the weakest bow in the game, its almost mediocre to good with the armor. Of course Al-Senba is s-rank so you might now like that.

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    if you're doing it for kicks I prefer the twin harisen and single harisen fans(they're cool and they stun). Fluroescent bulbs are cool too, and the twin ones always come in 50%. You have to do the story mission to get the boards I think, I can't remember... except twin fluroescent bulbs, those came from an event and you can only buy them now. As for guns, there are no bad ass C rank ones... I guess you could get a raduke,... but all classes can use B rank RCSMs so I guess you could actually get a B rank one too...

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    Awesome, thanks guys..Well, Like I mentioned earlier, I'm just really bored is all, The only thing I'm new to is in fact AotI. but as for PSU, nah..I kinda wish that Ethan's stats from story mode could link with the created character...But I know THAT'S not going to happen so lets carry on.

    ...So ...

    I should just focus on S rank weapons and Somewhat, A, and B ranked (Class)..? And I forgot to mention that I AM upgrading armor, not just weapons..I should have mentioned that in the beginning..

    I am doing this because:
    A: I am bored..
    B: To help anyone who created new characters or even for some on their main..
    C: I won't get bored to just log out since I'm focusing on my yellow bar to level and instead fight everything to obtain boards, and other items..
    D: All in all this IS for kicks and it gives me something to do..

    But yes, just like Talise's preferences, does anyone else have one..?

    ..360 Player..

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    Harrisens/ twin harrisens are a good point. They're a useful weapon for a long period of time, especially in the twin version.

    For guns, the koltova gun is B-rank grenade launcher. Maybe if you can find a real handgun.

    Just remember that for melee the elemental % is more important than the grind. For guns the grind is the only way to upgrade.

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