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    I don't really mind the nerf, but I only solo and play with my husband, so slowdown hasn't been a huge problem for us. He has noted that my diga is so big that it covers his whole screen.. but I think he found it funny, not annoying. xD

    But yeah. While I'd love for this to be optional I'm not going to stop playing a masterforce or enjoy it less because of this. My enjoyment has nothing to do with what others see or think. As long as *I* get to keep seeing my enormous diga balls I'll be having a good time~

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    Well, I don't really know how the techs are programmed, or what they have to do with sync. I do know some examples of strange results caused when certain folks catch the slowdown when the rest don't in which the worst affected elements are techs. I've seen system crash results when stuff like that gets out of line. So I would say, the overall not an option is a programming CYA. (er....cover your butt).
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    I am not crying about anything. All I am saying is it sucks and I wish that there was another way around the problem. I know, as I stated, that it is causing slow down for some. I don't know what can be done to find another way around it but maybe if alot of people dislike it maybe they will be forced to take another look at the issue. That's all. If not, LMAO, it's not like my MasterForce is my only 140+ charactor or even my first love for that matter. So yes, lol, I will get over it.
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    Man, I didn't realize how many people jump on a person like a rabbid dog just because he is upset by something in the game of Phantasy Star...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akaimizu View Post
    I've seen system crash results when stuff like that gets out of line.
    The system crash was caused by the robot slowdown bug. You were in the run with me at the time so you should remember. It wasn't just the techs that were causing the lag, but the robot slowdown on Train Rescue.

    The tech lag is a bit different. It's more like the spot slowdown in Egg Thieves, The Dark God, Flowery Pursuit, The Black Nest, etc. If they were worried about any type of synching issues from tech lag, they would also need to fix those missions to fix the spot lag. It doesn't appear that they are in any sort of hurry to fix those any time soon though.

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    Before masterforce came out i was really against this nerf, but now that i see whats going on it still sucks but i do see the need for it. LAG SUCKS!!! Diga makes the screen come to a crawl. the real problem is sega's inability to make a game anymore. your telling me my dreamcast was able to handle 4 forces casting rafoie like crazy all the time on dial-up but my 360 cant handle 6 forces doing diga on broadband??? hell i get lag when 1 person does diga. i understand that this is a port of a pc/ps2 title but this is where they make a mistake, i think everyone knows that it was gonna be bigger on the xbox. sega needs to realize that japan isnt the biggest video game market anymore.

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    I wish the TECH fix would have been made optional, but my PS2 (well, PS3) will take this because 31+ TECHNICs really are a bitch when it comes to lag. I'm a little concerned though... I understand a little upset over this because it's a big step backwards, but too much is basically admitting that a large part of the reason why you leveled your TECHNICs (why is this capitalized?) is because you want to impress other people. I mean, I think you'll still see your own visual effects, and everything will work the same. It's a nuisance, yeah, but it's not the end of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuroShinnen View Post
    You can still see the Techs at 41+, it's just others who see them as 21. Techers need to stop being so selfish and stop complaining and be thanking Sega for this. This update means not as many Techers will get booted from parties.

    Seriously, stop complaining and be a little more thankful that you no longer have to solo as a Masterforce.
    Yeah, they will still do the same damage, but won't make anyone else lag.

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    Don't take this the wrong BUT THANK YOU SAGA now maybe I can see what I;m fighting
    MF blinds the hole screen game unplayable to others.
    I love this update!
    I play a force to not MF but a real force FT level 146 at lest I can heal and buff the party.
    FT is what a force is mint to be not blinding everyone in the party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherminater View Post
    Man, I didn't realize how many people jump on a person like a rabbid dog just because he is upset by something in the game of Phantasy Star...
    this guy is right. we should all hold hands and sing campfire songs.
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