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    Thanks everyone for the incredible trading over the past two nights; out of 24 trades arranged since Wednesday all but one went through *on time*!!! Here's an updated list of items for trade, including the ever elusive Chaos Sorcerer?s Cane.


    Chaos Sorceror?s Cane (reduces the TP cost of casting by 10%, steals enemy TP, looks AMAZING-- it starts out as a simple cane, then lights up and extends into a double saber-style weapon, Darth Maul style)
    Opa Opa Mag with maxed stats (lvl 999)
    Pian?s Heart (for evolving the Pian mag)
    God/Technique (all your spells are raised in level by 3)
    Egg Blaster +99 (the Dr. Robotnik gun that fires concentric blue rings)
    Brave Hammer (in negotiation- may not be available tonight)
    DB?s Armor with FOUR slots
    Parasite Wear Del Rol with FOUR slots
    Revival Garment with FOUR slots (restores HP as you wear it)-- out but will be getting one before trading tonight)
    Spirit Garment with FOUR slots (restores TP as you wear it)
    Force Field with FOUR slots
    Hunter Field with FOUR slots
    Flowen?s Frame
    State/Maintenance (slot accessory that prevents all adverse status effects)
    God/Battle (increases weapon speed by 30%)
    God/Ability (increases all native stats by +20, including luck)
    Custom Barrier ver. 00 (a really terrific shield)
    Hunter?s Wall (my #2 favorite shield-- higher def than celestial and raises ATP as well)
    Regenerate Gear Advanced (my #1 favorite shield-- gives you >10 HP *and* TP back per parry)
    Custom Ray Gun 0.00
    Charge Gigush +40, +60% to Dark (interestingly, this is the most damaging weapon I have for the ruins, and I deal 900 (normal hit) or 1,240 (critical hit) damage, proving once again that the best weapons are not the most actively traded)
    Dragon Slayer, +9, +50% to Dark (deals 700-800 damage per hit, second best ruins-clearing weapon I have)
    S-Parts ver 1.16
    Graviton Plate (armor with very high DEF)-- out but will be getting before trading tonight
    Secret Guard (stealthy shield-- makes you less visible to monsters)
    Parasite Wear Vajulla with 1 slot (insanely high DEF armor)
    Stink Frame ("protection that truly reaks [sic]"-- repulses monsters away)
    Final Impact
    Technical Crozier
    Magical Piece
    Mace of Adaman
    Holy Ray Gun
    Sting Tip
    C-Bringer?s Rifle
    Spread Needle (in negotiation)
    S-Beat?s Blades
    Twin Brand
    Stag Cutlery
    Inferno Bazooka
    Flame Visit
    Angry Fist
    Delsaber?s Buster
    many more rare items...


    Delsaber?s LEFT arm or Delsaber?s Shield godddammmitt
    Gladiator Spike
    Extended Wallet (very badly needed as you can see
    Rain Maker
    Parasite Wear Vajulla with 4 slots
    Glass Sword
    Dual Pallasch
    Saint Saber
    Pan Arms?s Double Saber
    Mag Hearts other than Pian?s
    Brave Helmet
    Terror Claw
    Ranger Field with 4 slots
    Celestial Armor with 4 slots
    Anything else with one or more gold stars NOT listed here

    I am not interested in meseta. Certain items like the Chaos Sorceror?s Cane and Egg Blaster will ONLY be traded for one of the first 13 items on the want list.

    I am well known in the PSO trading scene and have many many references. To ensure a secure trade, I *require* the following terms:

    EITHER let me take the item you are offering first, and trust based on my record that I will not rip you off (I won't),

    OR do all of the following:
    1) we exchange guild cards
    2) we exchange email addresses-- I will arrange the time and place of our meeting by email to you
    3) we exchange real life phone numbers-- I will call you, at my expense, to chat by telephone, hopefully putting both of our minds at ease.

    I?ve done more than 130 of these trades now under these conditions and never have I had a dissatisfied trading partner.

    -Guardian (Zephyr in game), ICQ#5896613, AIM (rarely on): ZephPSO, email: [email protected]

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    Dumb question, how did you get so much stuff? I mean you just traded away alot of it yet here it is all again. I wish I could play on your games, I never get anything worth a dam on my own.

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    i really want a holyray.

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    bah, I'd love to have that c.sorcerers cane, I need to find something on your want list, lol. Ah well, I give it three days, tops, before every duper in the land gets ahold of it and it's just like this shiney egg blaster.

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    One player can never get very much on his/her own. The game, with its section IDs, is designed that way. You can however make good trades (e.g., give a double saber, get a s-beat blades + 4 slot parasite as a recent example). One key is to constantly watch for high demand items (currently egg blaster, holy ray, spread needle, and a couple others) and jump on them if the asking price is good. I traded for two more egg blasters last night

    I really need an extended wallet, as I can barely replenish traded items simply because my char inv and bank are both filled to the item limit...


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    KarnaJ-- I'd love to trade it to you We should meet up sometime tonight, if for no other reason just to exchange cards. It's amazing that we've never traded yet while I have with just about every other big collector...

    What time might you be on tonight? If you can trade me a glad spike or extended wallet, the cane is yours (not like I can use it without a devil or god/equip)... Actually I would trade it for a God/equip as well.

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    I think the reason we haven't traded yet is that every time I get something on your want list you've got it a few hours earlier, lol. We should get together and swap cards tho, I prolly won't be on until fairly late tonight, as I haven't exactly went to bed yet, but prolly somewhere around 7:00 pm central I should be on. Looking forward to meeting up with ya.

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    My usual log on time is 8 pm eastern (7 pm central) anyway, since I work 6 days a week (sigh)...

    Since we don't have each others' cards, let's set a time a place. Cordelia Block 10, 8:30 pm. My game tonight will be Stremf&Honor. Hope to see you then!


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    works great for me, I'll see ya there!

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    I really would love trading with you too, I'd also like to play with you sometime I'm looking at these items:
    Chaos Soceror's cane
    db armor 4slot
    parasite del rol 4slot
    force field 4slot
    hunters field 4slot
    hunters wall
    sbeats blade
    secret guard

    I have 3 different characters
    Weapon Stars

    Sacred Guard 9
    Elf/Arm 8
    Soul Raygun +4 7
    DB's Saber 9
    Varista +9 9
    Visk 235W +9 9
    M&A60 Vise +9 9
    L&K 14 Combat +9 9
    Spread Needle +15 9/11
    Holy Ray +30 9/11
    Inferno Bazooka +9 9/11
    Flame Visit +15 9/11
    C-Bringer's Rifle 9/12
    Suppressed Gun +40 9
    General Armor 7
    Divinity Armor 9
    Parasite WeareRol 9
    Crush Bullet +3 9
    Spirit Beam +5 7
    Varista 9
    Varista +2 9
    Fill Laser +12 8

    Weapon Stars

    Devil/Battle 9
    Varista 9
    Battle Verge+1 9

    Cowboy Bebop:
    Weapon Stars

    DB's Saber +1 9
    Hero/Ability 9
    Ogre/Power 7
    Light Relief 9
    Lord's Claymore +6 7
    Flame Berdys +1 7
    Havoc Raygun +1 7
    Varista +7 9
    DB's Saber +6 9
    DB's Saber +1 9
    Flowens Sword +1 9
    Dragon Slayer +2 9
    Dragon Slayer 9
    Hell Edge +4 8
    Blade Dance 9
    Blade Dance +5 9
    Bloody Art +6 9
    Gae Bolg +5 9
    M&A60 Vise +1 9
    Crush Bullet +9 9
    Club of Laconium +5 9
    Battle Verge 9
    Fil Scepter 7
    Fire Scepter:AGNI 9
    Photon Claw +20 9
    Photon Claw +20 9
    Silence Claw 9
    Silence Claw +9 9
    Double Saber +20 9
    Stag Cutlery +15 9
    Agito 9
    Soul Eater +35 9
    Soul Banish +9 9/11
    Del Saber's Buster +9 9/11
    Victor Axe +20 9
    Chain Sawd +30 9/11
    Perfect Frame 7
    Guardian Armor 9
    D-Parts Ver2.10 9/11
    Protect Barrier 7
    Ultimate Shield 9
    Invisible Guard 9
    Regenerate Gear 9/11
    Ogre/Power 7
    Angel/Mind 7
    General/Legs+ 7
    Elf/Legs 9
    God/Battle 9/11
    Trap/Search 7

    this thing wont post right it's weapon +(whatever number) and then level of stars
    for example a dragon slayer 9 is just a dragon slayer that has 9 stars but a photon claw +20 is just that.
    attributes are beneath item in this order

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