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Thread: The Day's Finds

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    A few things I never bothered to post about since they aren't really that rare. These drops happened during a course of 4-6 months and a few hundreds of hrs.(and not enough sleep ): 50% Dark RED HANDGUN, 40% Dark 30% Hit RED HANDGUN(used primarily for Boss fight in Ult. Ruins) and a 55% Dark RED SWORD. Along with the 50% Dark Daggers mentioned above, it makes my Dark weaponry my strongest set for the game.

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    First rare monster special weapon drop: 5% Native/Dark Yasminkov 3000R from the Mil Lilly. Can't equip. Had a Pouilly Slime on the same run but no Twin Blaze for me yet. Also, not a find but an accomplishment, I hit Level 200 on my HUmar this weekend.
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    New find: 30% native, 55% A.Beast, 15% Hit Red Handgun. Nice improvement over my old A.Beast Red Handgun(35% but with 40% hit). That high hit % made it hard to find a new one with improvement in performance. Also in Ultimate Mines you can find good quality units. Found there a God/Battle and a PB/Create(didn't need, but good to know they can be found in the mines). And in that regard, you can also find mags in the Caves Boss boxes(Da Ral Lie).
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    Was able to improve on my armor. Just found a 1 slot Sacred Cloth +279 DEF(no deband) & +133 EVA on Ultimate Caves 1. This is better than my older 1 slot Sacred Cloth by 30 DEF points, but EVA went down 18 points with the new one. Not really a big deal in Ultimate. As a HUmar, equipment with more DEF is better than more EVA. Don't get me wrong EVA is nice, but when you fight in the Ultimate Ruins better DEF is definitely needed. My previous best armor was a 0 slot Sacred Cloth +275 DEF & +151 EVA. I just realized than in newer versions of PSO the Sacred Cloth isn't very good, but for the DC PSO Ver 2 it's one of the best armors. As a comparison my previous best stats armor in the original PSO was a 3 slot Parasite Wear:Vajulla which only had +159 DEF & +102 EVA, so the Sacred Cloth armor was game changing for me in the Dreamcast PSO ver2. Now, if only I could find better than 1 slot ver.2 armors
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