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Thread: Tastless

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    i was jk i really want the earth and light drill knuckles

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    If there's any chance I can nab that fire repca . . . and, if possible, the last 8/8 Psycho wand, that would be great.

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    It's all gone, well almost. If you made a reservation, it expired just now. Unless I knew you personally your stuff is safe which consist of members I had your P card or a fellow Phasion group member.

    Sorry if you couldn't make it with a reservation, I'm sure there will be other hand outs from other players.

    If you see me in game, punch me in the face and wake me up from this catastrophic end to our servers. Good Luck to everyone.

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    thanks again ichigo. I got the ice repca to 5/10 and the light one t0 7/10...I'm chickening out though xD. these are shiny enough

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    its sad... I wish I could have got on but my computer had to do pc recovery and I lost most of my main files Darn IT!

    That, is a Secret!
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