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    I'd like to know which class actually casts faster per minute with a Har/Quick: Acrotecher or Masterforce?


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    If I remember correctly there was a video on Youtube that compared all the offensive techer classes' speeds, with all the /Quick units as well as without. And if memory serves correctly, AT was still the fastest, just by a little bit.

    This isn't the same video, but it's the only one I could find.

    Acrotecher is compared right after the first matchup (top right). Masterforce is the bottom right.

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    I'm fairly sure they are equal in casting speed.

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    There is a 'Few Variations' that will make the different between those 2 classes for casting speed.

    Equiments and Hardware.

    Equiments. Wand, Rod or TechMag.
    Hardware. Controller. (Turbo HORI or normal PS2 and XBOX 360) PC's you use K-Board.

    Has been tested in game.
    AT-same level, same tech's, same equipment.
    1 is using Turbo controller, other use a normal 360.

    The 1st 2 cast is same speed.
    By the time it hit the 3rd cast, It's about 1/3 slower on the 360 controller.
    Then slower, and slower as it goes on.

    Reason, Your Turbo will not miss.

    So, If you question is asking for "If I cast faster, I can level my Tech's faster"
    Yes, get yourself a Turbo controller.

    However! If your question "Which class will out perfrom at casting speed"
    I belive Syl and Magician had provided you with the the adequate advice.

    I have both AT and MF at Level 20 all Tech's 50. With a 360 controller. AT is the faster.

    ps: If you are worry about the low HP on your MF, and thinking of cast and run. Use a TechMag

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    Ahh.... excellent, thanks for the detailed information.

    Acrotecher really is the best way to get all TECHNICs up to at least Lv. 30 no matter what then. Support ones to Lv. 40 for Fortetecher may also be useful...

    Thank you again, Syl, Magician and CJ Johnny.

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    Acrotecher and Masterforce have the same casting speed. Some people think Acrotecher is faster, because they're comparing the two using the same character. The problem is that level 50 attack technics have a longer casting time than level 30 attack technics, so people are mistakenly thinking "Oh, Acrotecher must cast faster, then". But the base casting speed for both classes is the same.

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    There's no difference between an AT and MF's casting speed. :/ It depends on the player and if they're getting that, what I like to call, rhythm, for casting. Like with rifles on GM. D: Instead of button smashing.
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