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    Default Phantasy Star Swag Giveaway Contest -- Entry Period Over

    Welcome to the Phantasy Star Swag Giveway! By entering, you will have the opportunity to receive one of several awesome Phantasy Star swag packages!

    Entering is very simple. All you have to do is to reply to this thread and describe your most memorable in-game moment from any Phantasy Star game. This could include epic boss battles or humorous outtakes. Feel free to include screenshots to illustrate your post!

    Once the entry period has ended, four winners will be selected by a team of PSO-World judges. Entries will be primarily be evaluated based on their awesomeness.

    Three winners will receive the following:
    *One copy of Phantasy Star Portable
    *Phantasy Star Universe Wrist Strap
    *Inflatable GH101 Toy

    The grand prize winner will receive:
    *GH101 drawing autographed by Takao Miyoshi.
    *Phantasy Star Universe T-Shirt
    *Phantasy Star Universe Wrist Strap

    You must post your reponse in this thread before April 19, 2009. Four unique winners will be selected by a group of judges and announced on the frontpage on April 26th.

    Make sure your reply does not violate the forum rules. Anyone that is suspended from the site before April 26th or has their reply deleted will be ineligible to receive a prize.

    A special thanks goes to Sega of America and RubyEclipse for sponsoring this contest.

    The winners have been announced! You can see the winning submissions here:
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    I got a needle cannon board when it was really really rare still in version 1 PSU. I was so excited and the rest of the group were so mad lol. It made too which made it even more exciting lol.

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    Oooooh another chance at getting the wrist strap lol.

    I still recall the time where me and a couple friends stuck out at the Crimson Beast lobby and had a party up for 117 hours. The goal was to keep it up for over 100 to see if the timer didn't stick at 99:59. We'd just chill there and talk with everyone (it's how I met a lot of people actually). It was around my bday too, and I remember I screwed it up because I meant to invite someone but abandoned the mission instead. My friends ended up not letting me live it down "HAPPY BDAY SYL TOO BAD YOU MESSED YOUR GIFT UP"

    I really miss those days ;l
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    My moment can't quite be summed up as just a single "moment", I guess, because it's a bit bigger than that.
    See, I started on the 360 version. I was fairly hyped about the game back then, but I eventually lost my interest in the community there and quit.

    My moment, if anything, is my return, this time on the PS2 version, after about a year. In that time gap, PSU now had gotten its expansion, and was highly different. Starting out again, fighting those level 1 Pannons like most of us did when we started as to gain my first few levels... Going to re-experience the De Ragan, and then move on to the new content soon before MAG2? That was all great. The fact MAG2 allowed me to boost my character to being capped within my first month back on the game, if I remember well, was just an added perk at this point.

    So yeah. My moment is my rebirth into PSU's vast world.

    EDIT : Oh yeah, might as well throw in my PSO (GC) epic moment. It's still just so awesome.
    Firstly-- my girlfriend is the one who got me into the PS series, and she lived far away from me back then, so I was at her place for a while and she got me to play the game. Her best character was what... Level 80 back then? She never was big into trying tough fights, but I was. I'd grinded my character to nearly 40 and sent him through the Seabed. My epic moment was... Olga Flow.
    Becca never had fought him. Usually she'd help me out with tactics and whatever, but not this time. And my equipment failed, too, as a Humar.
    I just remember seeing that THING basically fighting me as it fell down a seemingly bottomless elevator shaft as if it were flying. We duked it out for I don't even know how long-- I finally win, only to realize... It's got a second form. But I prevailed with the power of sheer stubbornness (and a reasonable amount of Scape Dolls >.>). To me, that whole thing screamed epic-- and I'll admit IDOLA have the immortal feather and IDOLA have the divine blade really helped make this whole thing into something I'll always consider a legendary boss fight.
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    My most memorable moment in PSO had to be when I was playing with a friend of mine on split screen Co-op. We had both just made new characters and I was running around as a FOnewm named Demon Child (Pinkal ftw!). We made it to the dragon and were slowly working his life away when took flight. We knew the drill, so we started running around until he landed. However, when he landed, it happened to be right on top of both of us, one body under each foot for an instant KO. Maps in co-op back then were not so good...

    It was hilarious when it happened though. Thank god for scape dolls!
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    Well my favorite memorable moment was the first time I played Ultimate Mode in PSO GC with one of my freinds. Both of us had just hit level 80 and we decided to go into the Caves. I was A HUmar & He was A HUcasel the first room had an Ob Lilly which I hadn't fought yet because I heard it had Megid and could kill me in one hit. My freind who had PSO much longer than me charged the Lilly without A second thought. "No! Don't do that! it can kill you instantly!" I said. "No it just does nothing I think its just poison." he said. "No it's Megid." I told him again. "Look it does absolutely nothing when it hits... me..." Which was said as he died to Megid. I then revived him with A Moon Atomizer. 3 hours and 80+ deaths later we reached Da Ra Lie and even then it took us another hour just trying to kill it. On our third try we destroyed the Mask and where nearing victory... Untill it hit us both with a Laser Blast that criticaled. The blast normaly left us with only about 10 HP left. After that we decided to give up. Ending the most Epic Fail Caves run ever.
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    Good question. I guess I'll go with a this: The time when level 80 was the level cap in PSU and me and some friends went through the Hive. Back then the game was still challenging, teamwork was pretty important and finishing a mission gave you a sense of accomplishment... Damn, I miss that time...

    Sorry that this isn't exactly a "moment".
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    Me getting into the whole "Phantasy Star" World. Since I only started playing Phantasy Star Universe back when it first came out in October 06.
    After that I've been playing it until now and played other "Phantasy Star" titles as a result of it.

    Also my first time getting an Ank Dedda that was 46% back when they were still 'rare' and most of all meeting Kyrlia here on PSU on PSU and becoming her friend

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    This is a really hard one for me, because I have A LOT of memories from the past 8 or 9 years with friends I have made because of PSO and PSU.

    I would LIKE to say the entire 9 years is my favorite "moment" in the franchise for me, because of all the wonderful friendships and precious memories I've had. Staying up through the night and early morning with my friends on Vent, hunting a rare item, or just even talking about life or things we enjoy. The people I've met through the series are some of the best friends I've ever had. I still have several friends that I met online, on PSO ALL the way back in 2001.

    But I think the most memorable times for me are the PSO dreamcast days. PSO v1 was my first ever online game, I picked up on impulse for one of my birthday presents.. PSO v2 had just came out in Japan, and I imported it. I just had to have it. It was an addicting game, and not only that, an addictin commuity. Not only was PSO my first online game, it was also my first online community (these forums) The entire summer of 2001 is probably my favorite time in the franchise. Everything was all new to me, and I made so many friends playing PSO. (some of which I still have to this day!)

    The only time in the franchise that can even come clos to this is the majority of 2007 on PSU. Which was pretty much a relapse of my summer on PSO back in 2001, but a little more conveniant. A bunch of friends all got ventrillo and just would talk a lot while playing the game we loved.

    I remember back last year, around this time, when the easter lobby's came out, me, dragwind, and a few others just kept hunting for Rappy paskas so we could get a halp serafi for ourselves, and all of our friends, since most people had missed out on them the year before, since they were much harder to get.

    I guess its not so much the games, as much as it is the experience I have with people because of the games.

    some random screenshots to go with the whole "memories" thing:
    They may not look like much, and most of them are inside jokes, but they definatley mean something to me.


    That was a lot longer then I expected it to be, woopsie!
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    hmm my most memorable moment has to be a bit after I started PSU and when i first met a few good friends in the game they helped me out alot giving me free stuff helping me lv. they even helped me get my class lvs high enough to do wartecher, i then figured out i couldn't use the weapons i wanted xD. they then helped me get to Fighgunner and i loved the weapons so much i haven't really stopped using that class :P.

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