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    Talking Phantasy Star II on XBLA

    I was looking up what is comming out on Xbox Live Arcade and it popped up:

    Here's hoping it's true

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    Wow...awesome pick for XBLA.
    I remember picking this up for the Genesis when it was released.
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    I'll be sure to download this game on first day... Phantasy Star II is my favorite in the series. My final team is Rolf, Rudo, Anna & Amy.

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    Excellent find...would say I'm happy its on 360 but I got the ps3 and wii also, but XBLA comes through again in the clutch!

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    I'm counting down the days, i'm now trying to decide if i should wait till i get HD to play through the whole game again, god knows there's a but load of RPGs coming out for 360 that I don't even have time for the ones that are out.

    I really hope one day Phantasy Star V will be a reality.

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    yep It's available today for 400 points (roughly $5), along with a few other "vintage" titles. I havent played any of the originals, but I might try Phantasy star 2 now that I have the opportunity.
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    xbox360 beats all!!
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    I started playing last night, didn't get very far... I forgot how unforgiving older RPG's were and I LOVE IT!!! Should be done with it in a week or 2.

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    Just Bought It.

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    This game is great. Never played it before so glad I have the chance to now .
    Definate must buy.

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