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Thread: Tails in PSO

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    Default Tails in PSO

    I've seen some screenshots of Tails in PSO. Is there a specific item to allow this; and if so, is it availble on the GC.

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    No, it's not an item, it's a separate program/patch for PSOBB.

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    It's accomplished by modifying the game. You'd have to use a cheat program (PSOBB) or cheat device (Gamecube) to do it, and that's about all we're allowed to tell you here (Gamespy rules).
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    Not necessarily cheating, as it really doesn't give you any advantage, but it is technically hacking. It's mostly just reskins. Can't tell ya how to do it though.

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    Okay. That's all I needed to know. I don't have any devices to allow me to hack into games for the GC, so I won't be playing as tails any time soon.

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    You fall through floors when you get knocked over.

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    I don't like sonic reskin models.
    If you have a mag pair, they're usually stacked on top of each other because they're so close together.

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    Or If you have A single mag it appears on the other side.

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    Tails like many other is an NPC model that was made to work in certain events or quests.

    If you want to play like the npc you need either to hack your version or use a trainer if you use pso pc or pso bb.

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    I thought a GM at the server could do that if you asked? That's what I assumed whenever I seen someone using Tails.

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