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Thread: PSOX plz.

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    It won't work :/

    Thank goodness I have GC version

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    Xbox live is integrated into the game and nobody has yet found a way around it. Doubt if they ever will. DC v1 can still play online as well as PAL v2 which really ticked me off cause I had my BBA for about two months then the HL servers went down rendering my BBA and V2 useless.

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    I saw PSOX at Gamestop for like $2, I'm gonna assume you bought it recently for hella cheap at Gamestop and I will give you some advice - When dealing with old Xbox games from Gamestop, it has a sticker on it that says USED, beside the game title on the sticker if it says <BC> then it is playable on 360, if it does not say it then it will not play.

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