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    Default Power Sato 150 Pow 10 Def 40 Dex

    Hiya all,

    Just wondering how many PD's these go for in terms of trading? I'm guessing around 15 but I wanna be sure as i'm raising lots of them and don't wanna get a good price.



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    You don't want to get a good price?O_o
    Anyway i wouldn't know as i don't play BB .... Yet

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    With High Pow/Dex/Mind They are anywhere between 15-20 PDs

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    If they have the Twins PB people will ussually pay more or so i've seen.

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    I have a black Sato at 10/145/45/0 for 10-15 PDs...

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    People are going to be resistant to buying the mag since it has 10 Def. So probably 10-15 is good.

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    I played pso gc and idk if BB changed on charts but,... isnt for a sato your suppose to have lvl 25 on all stats minimum when hitting 100? not 10/145/45/0 more like 25/25/25/25+ or was it changed? keep in mind i didnt play BB, I plan to try when i get a better pc
    Edit: ah nvm, it says multiples of 5, I was young i never read the faqs on it D: thought that was the only way to make it was by everything only lvl 25 each
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