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    I recently bought the first DVD Lain:Navi and I thought it was pretty good, if not confusing. I just wanted to know if the series gets better the further you move along, and basically if I should shell out $90 to finish the set. Thx.


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    You might as well (Box set is the way to go).. You also get a free lunch box...

    Yup, the rest of the series gets really good.. I haven't finished it all yet but the story is quite interesting...

    I also recommend Key: The Metal Idol and Cowboy Bebop....

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    Thx, Key is pretty good, haven't seen cowboy bebop yet, is it anything like Trigun?


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    Nothing like it.. In fact, I have never seen any Anime like Bebop... IGN called it best Anime series ever and I think I have to agree with them...

    I think there is a 4 (or 5) DVD set out there (6 eps on each)..

    The charcaters are some of the best I have seen....

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    There are 6 Cowboy Bebop DVDs, and yes, that is the best anime ever! Ending was very good, if not a little sad. I can't wait for the movie
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    Thx, I'll definitly have to check that one out now too =)

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    Bebop highschool owns bebop cowboy.

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    Lain is COO! I love lain, it's so cool and different and everything comes together in the last like, 10 minuntes. You gotta get it all.

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    I've got the entire Lain set. It's worth it. It doesn't really get too much less confusing, but you'll get the jist of it. The end is real cool. I havn't figured out all the symbolism in it yet, and never will, but its a great anime none the less. Cowboy Bebop is freakin great! The ending will make you cry though . Radical Edward is the bomb!

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