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    Another nice bump.

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    As someone said, I play PSU because of the unique features it has compared to other MMOs, such as:

    - Futuristic SCI-FI style. I love fantasy-based games, but... WoW, for example, makes me feel I'm playing some crap version of TLOTR with weird looking characters. Many other free MMOs around, (I dunno... DOMO, FlyFF...) never kept me playing for too long, but I'd say i'd play them more for fun. Cabal online was cool in character and class selection but it gets boring easily if you don't pay for the premiun features.

    - Action RPG control. C'mon, I've grown killing Ganondorfs with all my consoles, while many MMORPGs are cool to play, the "click & destroy" feature for them really makes me get bored of them really fast. The idea of taking my controller and being able to dodge shoots, hits and spells for real and not due to a stat number in my profile, or to attack monsters for real swinging weapons with the stick is a good thing in any game.

    - Visuals. PSU is cool-looking, I wouldn't ever say that about Ragnarök Online (though it's my second favorite MMO) or WoW. PSU style is simply refreshing and cool.

    By the way, some things that kept me out of the game back before in US/EU servers were the lack of updates, bassically. There was a moment in which all my options to have fun were to try getting all my melee weapons/Shadoogs to 50% (and I had most of them over 42% so y'know... Not to attracting), to cap my PAS (and I had them already in the last tiers for my classes, so I wouldn't gain much from them) or to get BS for my PM.

    Thankfully, the death of the global server was a "good" thing, because first, I had to start over in JP so I would be busy with that, and second, there are actually updates there, so there's always something to do.

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    I tried other mmorpgs and PSU is the one i love the most

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    I play PSU mainly because of it being different from most MMO's point and click gameplay (and to take a break from COH/COV). That and PSU is the closest thing to a .hack style of combat.

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    SEGA forced me to stop playing but if the PC server is still up and if xbox didn't pissed me off I still would play.

    I love action rpg's developing characters, hunt for gear with a nice fighting system.
    Really love the art style of this game, everything is colorful and has lots of customization.

    I didn't need other games when PSU was still here, well back to mh until pspo2 comes out....

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    I played Phantasy Star Universe while I was working at a call center. I rented it from Block Buster for the PS2 and played it one weekend. Now I play it again; I bought a PS2 at this generation because now I don't work and have free time so I bought the game and Ambition of the Illuminous. I played it on the Xbox 360 too but when I wanted to play on Xbox Live it would tell me to download the Ambition of the Illuminous, but I couldn't find it. And so I couldn't play online. So now I play it and I have enjoyed it on my new PS2. Ethan Waber is my friend, and I liked Kiran Erra too aswell as Mirei. But I love Magashi! I think his character design is really good. But I don't like Laia because she said things about Ethan that weren't true. I love this version compared to the other ones in the series.

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    I like that you can actually visit each planet and they have their own mission areas, shops, events, npc's, recreational areas, etc. Unlike pso2 with it's one big lobby.

    Chidori / Ship2, Also feel free to visit us at

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