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    Default Error DNAS (-610)

    i keep gettin this error i dont kno what it means or is i tried to search it no info anyone have any ideas i cant log on

    i live an apartment so i dont kno how i would change or reset there router because my chicks labtops works just fine so it just start F'in up tho once error 065 came
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    DNAS... What platform do you play on?
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    DNAS would be the PS2. (maybe 360 too?)

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    DNAS is a Sony thing, he is playing on PS2. Stands for Dynamic something Authentication System or something like that, I forget. Either way, this isn't a PSU problem, its a problem with the network adapter config. Chances are its an error in IP config, but Im not positive.

    A DNAS 610 error has something to do with SSL, aparently (which is now TLS.) By any chance, are you bridging your connection with a laptop or are you wired into the router?

    Edit: By the way, did this just start happening recently and have you been plugged into this connection for awhile, or did you just move in recently and started using their internet?
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    Man I been on since fire break and it just startin doing it once I got the error 065 I got the error before back when mag so I kno what that error means BUT once it was fixed I tried to log and the DNAS error appears

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    My best guess is that whoever is in charge of the router recently changed settings. Either way, you're going to have to go into your network adapter and change the settings. Ask whoever runs the router if they recently changed any major settings and if so, what they are.

    Either way, try this out.
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    So I went in and did everything manual expect the net mask I have no clue of what is but I get a new error 613 so I went back again did it auto setting and I get error 610 then I mixed it up and error 613 the DNAS default server is and secondary is the same nothing works man sigh I need to get on before event is over

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