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    Default Performing a Black Hole Blowjob with an XBox 360.

    Today, I brought an XBox 360 home and attempted to set it up with everything it needs to connect to Live. For this report, I will be using my Nintendo Wii as a baseline, going by the following specs:

    Connection type: Wireless
    Cost to connect: 0$
    Time to setup: 5 minutes
    Connection reliability: Excellent

    Now for the 360:

    -Wireless is available - so long as you want to buy an extra device that costs you 100$.
    -The console is unable to recognize any PC on the network.
    -Here's a better joke: All four PCs on the network is able to recognize the 360's presence on the network.
    -Attempting to share a media library over the network makes Windows Media Player crash. On all four PCs.
    -The 360 somehow reads MP3s but refuses to copy them, forcing one to burn an audio CD and then rip it back into file form on the console itself.
    -The 360 also claims that it will have trouble connecting to the Internet but specifies no reason as to why other than some generic "there is a problem with your connection".
    -Half the connection attempts are successful. On the other half, it claims UPnP isn't enabled.
    -By the way, UPnP is enabled.

    Connection type: Wired
    Cost to connect: 0$ - but 100$ if I want to upgrade to wireless.
    Time to setup: 4 hours and counting
    Connection reliability: Poor

    Message to the 360's setup interface: you suck. You fucking suck dick. You suck even the light around you. You are the most excrutiatingly painful process I've ever went through. And the kicker: even after trying every trick in the book, you still don't work properly.
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    Mmm...blackhole blowjobs...*drools*.


    Oh right, dude that sucks. What operating system are all of the PC's running on? Vista or XP? Besides the XBox 360 software being a piece of crap, that might have something to do with it.

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    Use it. I know it says PS3, but use it. It works. TVersity works too, but PS3 Media Server is a bit more lightweight.

    Also, Microsoft loves their moneys.

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    It might be easier to connect your Wii to the Internet, initially, but the 360 trumps it in every other category. I really never had trouble with it though; that is, until I switched out my routers. I had more trouble with my PS3 than my 360 for that though. Oh, and I've never really used the media extender. After reading about it, I really wasn't interested.
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    IMO, Wireless ALWAYS fails compared to wired. Wireless is basically a built in bottleneck and PITA. Sucks you're having issues though. 360's can be pretty picky about which computers it recognizes. TVersity Media Server is probably the best 3rd party app I've used for media sharing. PlayOn allows for streaming of video sites (Hulu, youtube, etc.) and I think it allows for media server capabilities as well.

    @Kylie: The Zune software has the same features and is MUCH easier to use than the media extender. Just leave the Zune software running on your PC and you can access all your music through the network.

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    I use the Zune software.

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    ...Wow, really? I just plug my 360 into the network and it just works. The only thing that doesn't is trying to use Windows Media Center on the thing, but only my laptop has that, so it's pretty pointless...

    But yes, Zune software pretty much just wins.

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    My Xbox 360 used to stream media excellently. That was, until it went straight to crap after it got this virus. It was eventually fixed, but now I'm having the same freakin' problem you are with streaming my media. My Xbox 360 can't find my PC (yes it's in the same network and all that crap).

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    Quote Originally Posted by KodiaX987 View Post
    Today, I brought an XBox 360 home...
    Well, I've found your problem.

    Actually, I'm just pissed because my most advanced console is a Gamecube...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance813 View Post
    Well, I've found your problem.

    Actually, I'm just pissed because my most advanced console is a Gamecube...
    When everyone had PS2's, Gamecubes, and Xbloxes, I had a Dreamcast.

    But I wasn't complaining.

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