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    Default Deliciously Awesome Cake!!

    I wonder what it tasted like... **drools**
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    @[email protected] i'm sure it tastes like awesome! and probably mountain dew

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    awesome looking cake, probably for a D&D party. then a plate of corndogs....>.>
    and i'm not sure what thoes are... and is that a fondue fountain running ketchup? O.o
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    So how about that Fat Princess? Anyone get it yet? It's hella fun when you can get a match going. Key word being can*

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    could taste like chicken/turkey ;or boar/buffalo; - aka dragony
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Chocolate. Chocolate is the only cake flavor that is was also money, so it HAS to be chocolate.
    Coming Soon!

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    salt cake. roman soldiers were paid in salt, so the cake must be made of salt?
    Hey guys, want to see a magic trick? *disappears for a few years*

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalHex View Post
    salt cake. roman soldiers were paid in salt, so the cake must be made of salt?
    Salt isn't a flavor of cake. Not that I've ever heard of, anyways.
    Coming Soon!

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    I bet it tastes like a whole lotta fondant, sadly.
    I hope that's not a ketchup fountain I see in the background. Gag.

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    Well, because of this dragon, I had to bake my own cake. Nowhere nearly as epic, but still tasty. :3

    And I totally missed the ketchup fondue fountain in the corner. lols

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