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    Default T/S [b]Armas line

    Itīs in shop for 99m, if someone doesnt want to buy and prefer to trade it is ok for me, make offers here or pm me: Thanks

    Love inferno (i know this is impossible but hey i still want it xD)
    Needle Cannon
    Hizeri mind
    Gur hanab
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    just explain me something.... why should someone buy your armas line board when there are others with lower price...i think lowest is 65m and its in shop for about 2 weeks nobody wants it....
    i think 99mil in shop, always means...come on, lets trade, right?
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    Yeah, but i set that price waiting for some offers, if dont have or dont need what people offer, then i would give the boards to my bf, so im not going to set the board cheapest before seeing some offers, but if someone wants to buy it for 99m i dont care :P

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    I have a Needle Cannon 8/8.
    I also have some meseta.
    What would you want for it?
    (the trade list in my signature is not up to date, but take a look at it anyway, and it says not active, but it's all good, I'm resub'd to psu)

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