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    Default PSU Elitest Justifications? Come here all ye budget guardians! share your stories!

    Yet again i entered a room and got mocked for my pallet more or less...
    "oh your pallet is broken, oh you should be doing better" are their arguments.
    Now let me ask you the public, whats the point? Yes i could and maybe should be doing better, maybe. But i was also working in Iowa during the flood, and back in New York during the ice storms, helping people recover, i myself was affected by the storms. so i lost some time, that i wont lie, but i try hard, why? i like to amuse myself while leveling bullets and such. But really? Im not flustered persay but i want to lay down some info for the masses. Now before i am flamed, i RESPECT those with 50% 10/10 weapons, and those using those, but who cares? ive said it before and ill say it again.


    Now for you nay-sayers, heres some info for you using the PSU damage calc

    5/5 Inferno with lv 50 prism on opposite with lumirus kaos as gunmaster cast male: around 1668 per hit

    9/9 Inferno with lv 50 prism on opposite with lumirus kaos as gunmaster cast male: around 1717 per hit

    ....SO by that logic i need a 9/9? really? so i can do an extra 49 damge per hit?! thats what? lets say on 6 enemies if it hit that every time, youre looking at what? an extra 300 damage? sure it will add up, but will it make you a bad team player if you dont have that? Nope

    Lets try this again

    30% 10/10 Repca with cast male fighmaster and V power using gravity break lets say gravity does 600% on the 3rd part: 8369 or so

    30% 10/10 slayer with cast male fighmaster and V power using gravity break lets say gravity does 600% on the 3rd part: 7915 or so

    now YES thats more noticible but still doesnt break game dynamics! Jeez

    now these are examples, do i have these? Nope. Am i a gunmaster? Nope, im fortegunner and damn proud! Would i like to do more damage? sure, but not at the cost of my soul or hours of work all for somthing new to come out and then whine cause i dont have it.

    a 1/1 weapons doesnt look any different than a 0/10 weapon in battle, there is no PVP, there is barely any form of competition, as far as im concerned, if you like a weapon for looks, then get it, now again someone may tease you with a 2/2 repca, but that 2/2 still would do around 6486 damage with gravity break with the settings ive added. I want us non perfect players to feel proud and i dont want to demonize the 10/10 elitests but i want to unite those who think "IM PLENTY STRONG ALREADY!"

    For gear, i rock the following
    5/5 inferno
    5/5 Elite
    8/8 pakuda
    8/8 rattlesnake sometimes
    5+ rainbow 30%+ muktrands with majarra
    8/8 arb boas
    8/8 Aikasoki or 9/9 Cubo mamba
    4/8 Hanab
    6/6 Degahna cannon (love that pp)
    8/10 drumline
    0% serafi (got it when red knights were still pretty new)
    resist/orpad guard/legs , yes i know 0% armor baaaad, i like it.
    V power/cati pp save
    paradi/sturm man i love sturm attacker, cant wait for sturm burst

    Now none of that is top of the line persay but with most my bullets (cept grenades and lasers which are atleast 21!)
    i do enough damage, i can solo any mission so far ive tried cept for maybe bladed legacy S2, shouldnt that count for somthing?!

    I also have some striking gear for other classes, maxed all my classes, im proud of that, why did i do it? cause i love my character and his decent gear!

    So lets get a conversation going! you previously shunned players STAND UP and lets see what you got, that includes players looking for pointers and tips, but i want to see your pallets and see who is happy and tired of being laughed at for gear! Rant done, beeling just fine whole way through, again lets get people in here and share our views of gear, maybe even make our own tier system of equipment, for us Budget minded guardians!

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    lol, I should kill some time.
    Anyway here it is
    Psyco wand 2/10
    Psyco wand 0/10
    Okarod 10/10
    Okarod 3/3
    Okarod 6/8
    Gaozoran Rod 0/9
    There are a few of my weps.

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    that 10/10 Okarod is a great accomplisment, bought made or whatever, and good to see some diversity in some weapons on a fortetecher or masterforce! i particularly like the gaozoran rod on there, so uncommon these days!

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    Stupid rich people are the scum of the Earth and Gurhal alike, seriously. Just tonight some LV150-160 genius with a palette of S-ranks thought it was a good idea to end the mission while I was still picking up materials, and when I called them out on it, the only response was "junkjunk," because obviously it's impossible that anyone playing this game could not have a LV160 main, piles and piles of S-rank gear, and five stacks of meseta. I mean anything less than ten stars is just worthless you couldn't give it away to hobos! Good god I hope they spend the whole event hunting Adahna Units and see everyone but themselves get one.

    For the record, this is what I'm using, or at least the equipment I'm carrying right now:

    Caliburn 4/10 dark 42%
    Soda Riban 4/10 lightning 32%
    Gudda Gant 0/10 light 32%
    Gudda Skela 3/8 ice 26%
    Crimson 3/9 fire 32%
    Melton's Frying Pan 4/10 ground 36%
    Shigga Bines 4/10
    Hirokteri 4/7
    Song for Death 4/7
    Degahna Cannon 0/10
    Ruby Bullet 5/6
    Crimson Line 46% lightning
    Crimson Line 46% ice
    Delette Line 30% fire
    Delette Line 34% ground
    Delette Line 28% light
    Delette Line 30% dark
    Cati / Hit
    Freeze / Resist
    Legsless / Rainbow
    Sturm Attacker

    To my chagrin, I have very little in the way of S-rank armour--I think I have one 30% Rabol Lumirus and a neutral Al-senba, and that's it, not that I have any S-rank units to necessitate it anyway.

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    I don't have any of that fancy equipment. I never get called out for my pallet, maybe that's something that happens to maxed out characters.

    Only one time this guy asked me about it:

    Player: "wow, your ID number is so low!"

    Me: "yea, been playing since day one"

    Player: "but you highest is still level 110?"

    Me: "Yup"

    Player: "geez your palette is terrible! A Ranks!?"

    Me: "Well, I have been doing fine so far right?"

    Player: "WTF!? Asura-Senba!? did you steal this account from someone?"

    Me: "Nope, my account all along. Anyways lets continue the mission."

    Player: "But your weapons suck"

    Me: "yea, tell me about it... later. Lets go kill some stuff!"

    Player: "But... your PAs are still below 30!?"

    Me: "I know, I'm trying to work on it, lets just play shall we?"

    Player: "Did you stop playing for like, a year or something?"

    Me: "No. I have been playing all along."

    Player: "but how come..."

    Me: "ok, I am gonna go onto the next block. You sit there and ponder it"

    Player: "I am outta here. You suck too much for me to be seen in your company"

    Me: "WAIT!!! Please don't leave..."

    "Let me boot you instead. *Boot*"

    That last part was what i wished I would have done. He just couldn't believe that I had other interests besides PSU and that I played PSU for fun and not for leveling. I have too many games to play, honestly.

    Run Rabbit Run!!!

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    Man, I can't stand elitists. You play a game to have FUN, not make it seem like your life's work. Granted, seeing how I always complain about PSU's lack of difficulty, I'm probably a more hardcore gamer myself, but it really just depends on the game, and how "competitive" you really want to be at it. With PSU though, since there's not really any form of PvP, the only competition you have is e-peen flaunting...

    I can KINDA see the reasoning behind some of it though. Items that were once rare are now so commonplace, anyone can buy them for relatively cheap... to the point where the materials used to make said items are even worth more, which is pretty fucked up, if you ask me. I was lucky if I had 3 mil on me, but I was able to sustain myself through successful trading, synthing most boards I found, and picking up pretty much any "useless" item that dropped so I could sell it.

    I might raise an eyebrow at someone who has lackluster gear, or a palette full of nothing but the same weapon type, but as long as they can play well, I really don't care. What pissed me off most in PSU was when people spammed nothing but knockback moves on small enemies: Tornado Dance, Anga Jabroga, grenades, Regrants, etc. Either that, or people who used guns other than shotguns or crossbows at point-blank range...
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    I may have some of the good rare stuff like

    Spread Needle
    Love Inferno
    Guld & Milla

    But i honestly play for fun. I donīt mind anyone getting along as long they donīt
    purposely slow the party.

    Although Jabroing and the like stealing all the spotlight from other players who donīt play "Fighmaster" should give them a break.
    The Fighmasters might as well solo if the other players never get a chance to hit anything.
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    Weapons don't mean SH!T. Its all about Photon Arts and actual skill. Grinds and star rarity barely change pallets. Elemental percent is SOMETIMES game breaking but you shouldn't really go out of your way to get 50% weapons, unless you really have nothing else to do.

    My pallet is very humble I must say. The only rares I do have are 2 Pwands, but newcomers have those easily these days. Someone in MY league should be having pallets of 10/10 pushans x6 and pwands x6. But do I care? Not really. I get by with what I have, and if I get anything else then I'm happy. But I don't particularly go out of my way to get it, because this game doesn't require it or even put much emphasis on needing it.

    Plus I only play like what.... 2 hours a week?
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    Maelstrom 180, I think everyone has been in this situation more than once, even me. I played about two years, (ran into a elite here and there) have four chars that two are capped.(cast and beast male) both run FM and GM, in the time Ive spent Ive collected alot, personally I have 42%+5/X rainbow set of each weps catagory for FM and 28%+ rainbow set of serafi's and my favorite R/K. Also have 7 stacks.(six now since I owe a friend a stack) Despite thinking of being a type of elite, I havent tried pushing ppl into it, I try helping ppl, get them started on the usual. I still sometimes get the usual "why dont you grind your weps more" and what not.

    I always thought of elitest types to be the kind of person to help others and impress others to show how good certain classes are. Of course, your going to run into a jerk now and then. Ive personally run into ppl who would hate on me just because I have good equipment, or alot of money. I remember when someone I dont even know asking me for a stack, I said no so they cussed at me then b-listed me. So if you think about it, it goes both ways. As that being said, I hope anyone who posts on this topic will not be too negative and start fights, lol.I"d just be glad to find nice ppl in the end
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    Not to mention, they kick you out when you don't play their way. (sometimes for not even using a mic!!)

    They mock you for not having a "relevant" pallet.

    They b-list you for not having a stack....of what exactly?? I don't understand what they mean by a stack.

    They are shocked if your PAs isn't maxed out even though you played longer than them.

    They boot you the moment the boss portal approches.

    They will call you a 'noob' if you use one PA a little too much.

    Oh there's more! The eletists in PSU are basicly a group of psychonuts who sadly think they are better than you based on a fictional character they created having better items than you.

    There are other psychonuts in this game too....but I won't veer off the topic so that'll be for another day.

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