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    The number of submissions was in-line with what I was expecting.

    We hope to have the Voting Booth ready near the end of the week.

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    I can't wait -- sounds very interesting.
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    I'm sure it's because there were so many posts, they are having a hard time setting up the voting thing. Or they're just busy. "Patience is a virtue" lol people tell me that all the gets so annoying

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    The contest gallery will be formally announced on Saturday or Sunday. We're going to spend one more day testing it.

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    One of those entries had me laughin pretty good, the point of the contest was to be funny so I hope they win

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    who won this, it's been 4 days sense the contest ended >.>


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    Huh? What is that? A package? A letter...? OHHH, could that be!!

    Merry, merry, christmas, Cath! You did a great job, lion king is by far my favorite childhood movie, so of course you got my vote! I am starting to think you would be a great addition to the team.....
    But well, I do know for sure that you would have deserved your custom avatar!

    Either way, have a great new year, Cath!
    Your sincere psow team member and mod,

    PS. I know you wanted the Humarl figurine the most, so guess what you get...!

    Ohhh, wow *unwraps*, that's pretty ni-
    What the, this is a Hunewearl! D:
    Eh? A second letter...?

    All I wrote in the first letter is a lie.
    Truly not your's,

    Haha. Yes kids, that would have been mean, right? But actually I really got the Humarl! Spiffy!
    Thanks team and thanks for sending, Ryna!
    Happy New Year, team!
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