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    Er, I'm currently in the process of paying for a used DS Lite (long way off yet ) and I hope to get PS0 as my first game as I have heard it is very similar to PSO (never been online). What I want to know is, are all the items, weps, places to trade photon drops ect. available offline? Many MANY thanks to anyone that answers.
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    @ Tweengo: Yes, anything online is obtainable offline. However, playing on WiFi increases drop rates. Also, online has some online only quests, which I don't think do anything but grant meseta.

    @ Ryna: Could we get area crate drops listed on the drop charts page? I mean, sure their probably isn't much "worth" from them, but... it's not a bad idea, in my opinion. It'd be good to list things like an ice protect only dropping from snowfield crates at the very end. Also, Paru crates dropping wild mags.
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have two pieces of info to add:

    The Keplar suit is listed as dropping in arca plant only, but I got one from super hard heaven mother today.

    On the enemy list page the force mother is listed as "native" rather than "dark."

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    So, I just got several weapons from a Force Mother which aren't listed on the drop chart. The weapons are Luzparias, Trois Souther, and Loneos.

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    I'm also trying to finish readjusting the improved hostile weaknesses guide here

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